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    Oh, Ok, thanks Simon, I shall shop around then.
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    So loads achieved this weekend. The fiddle yard superstructure was started, no pics yet as it's just a lot of glued sections. More wiring was completed, which just seems to be endless, and will continue to be as I've still got switches and baseboard connectors yet to be installed. Two of the four point motors were installed and tested. Once the remaining two are completed, the foam board can be glued into the cabinet.

    As it's the first time I've used solenoid motors I was dismayed to find my test controller (Gaugemaster Model E, i.e. cheap) only seemed to throw the points one way. I thought I can't need a CDU for one point, so fired up my repaired Gaugemaster transformer and it's clearly got more ooomph as it throws those turnouts quite violently!! A check of the specs reveals it is 1 amp over 0.3 amps of the model E.

    I'm hoping it can throw two points in one go as I want the runround points to throw at the same time, but otherwise it's a CDU or throw them separately.

    Pic below shows the motor installed into my styrene box and held using cable ties that are not excessively tensioned. The Peco accessory switch was hot glued to the motor at the sides rather than the base to enable easier removal.

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    I do like a bargain. Been thinking about the backscene lately as it needs to go in fairly soon. Following my query about 1.6mm aeroply, I gave up on that and plumped for plastic. I looked at a variety of types and decided upon 1.5mm foamex, as I want to shave as much weight as I can from the cameo cabinet, so foamex it has to be.

    I saw 1mm sheets going on ebay for £30-40, but decided to pop into my nearest printshop and they sold me a 1.5mm 8'x4' sheet for £15, bargain! It will do this layout and the next one too!

    I'm considering either printing an image @PMP style or leave it natural similar to Arun Quay's overcast day effect. If I go down the photographic route the most annoying thing is to see any kind of join, so I can safely stick a vinyl image on top of my foamex because it will be hewn from a whole sheet.

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    So more progress this weekend, the fiddle yard frame was completed, cladding and fitting out comes next.

    The foam board was grip filled into the cabinet and main board wiring was almost completed with transformer, switches and sockets put in. Transformer can be removed as it's cable tied in place.



    I realised I have no space for a track plan to be drawn around the point switches, so just put them inline. There's not enough ooomph from the transformer to throw two points, so I settled for the run round to be thrown individually. Gaugemaster HH handheld was wired in, left-hand white wire.

    All was tested and working, last item to be done is the power feed to the fiddle yard now.
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    I made a video of the 08 running round.

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    The slow running is pretty good - always nice when things start to move...!

    Mick S.
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    Thanks Mick, all that mucking around with 60:1 gears has appeared to pay off. As you say, it's a boost to see something finally moving.
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    Just looking again at the RAW footage, the stuttering in the first part of the film is dropped frames! That's a bit annoying.
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    The problem is you want to play trains now which prolongs the finishing of the layout :).
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    Ha yes, I know, I was tempted, but thankfully I still have a deadline of 27th April to at least get the thing working, sans most scenery, so that is concentrating the mind and keeping me from playing!!