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    I couldn't agree more, that's why I leave it until the last few seconds, I get one shot and no chance to be tempted to increase my bid if I am outbid.
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    I thought I'd won it at £70.. :))

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    I noticed the listing earlier but didn't open it because a grampus is of no interest to me. I agree it's a bit of a laugh and I hope that the poor soul who won it had a good look before committing to them.:)):)):))
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    My Mrs bid, won & paid, for a Glass handbag for £2.50 with £7.50 postage (I wouldn't pay above £5 for basic postage). She waited 3 weeks then contacted seller. He said he been away & forgot !!. Then he contacted her saying it would cost £15 to send & she would have to pay the difference !!. I told her to contact him & tell him it was a binding contract, at which time he refunded her the £10 & said it was broken !!. So negative feedback was left. I told her to ask for a picture of the broken handbag, never saw a pic.

    Steve :cool: