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    I couldn't agree more, that's why I leave it until the last few seconds, I get one shot and no chance to be tempted to increase my bid if I am outbid.
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    I thought I'd won it at £70.. :))

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    I noticed the listing earlier but didn't open it because a grampus is of no interest to me. I agree it's a bit of a laugh and I hope that the poor soul who won it had a good look before committing to them.:)):)):))
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    My Mrs bid, won & paid, for a Glass handbag for £2.50 with £7.50 postage (I wouldn't pay above £5 for basic postage). She waited 3 weeks then contacted seller. He said he been away & forgot !!. Then he contacted her saying it would cost £15 to send & she would have to pay the difference !!. I told her to contact him & tell him it was a binding contract, at which time he refunded her the £10 & said it was broken !!. So negative feedback was left. I told her to ask for a picture of the broken handbag, never saw a pic.

    Steve :cool:
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    They're at it again... £15 saved on new price rather than supporting the hobby..


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    I'm not sure if this kit is currently available from Dave. I know he was having trouble getting the boilers made. I got a kit wheels and ABC motor for less than that all the way from Australia a couple of years ago it also came with all the Peter Roles extra bits for auto train working and extra detail.
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    I reckon more greed than optimistic:(:rolleyes:...which is often the way on Ebay:(
    I have often wondered if the mental capacity of some buyers is all there when you see the prices paid for items still available from the original manufacturer.....remember the G.W. puller, I think mentioned on WT. that went for about £40.00:))

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    For items like that, perhaps selling to regions less catered to by him. Isnt much use to those overseas when you cant contact any way but call. Yet ebay very often will make international selling possible for some.
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    Very true, being 600km away from the UK, I cannot visit any shows to browse through the dealers products, but from time to time there are nice items sold at Ebay. I bought a MMP Class08 some time ago for a decent price. Long gone kit, but so much more fun than RTR.
    Don't forget that Paypal is a simple way to transfer money to the UK. There are not many others.

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    And yet certain people in the industry adamantly refuse to use paypal for undisclosed reasons. Well then, dont be surprised when I dont do business with you!
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    Michael, not sure if you are a guild member. Are you aware of the Guild's product directory?

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    I am and I am... (guild member No. Schumacher23457)

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    At least the generous little philanthropist has knocked 30 quid off his first attempt!
    MODERN MOTIVE POWER O Gauge 7mm Scale Brass BR 3.5 Ton GLW Tank Wagon Kit | eBay
    I must remember to ask David Andrews about the DA kits DAVID ANDREWS Railway O Gauge Brass Kit CATFISH BALLAST HOPPER Loco Part Built | eBay
    Available at £20 less as a new kit from m&m!
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    Neither - get a bid in - it's a bargain!!!
    As they say "The Loco & Tender sit on a NON Motorized adapted Triang Chassis (poorly done in my view)" because the rest of it is spot on. :)):)):))
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