Prototype Farewell Poulton Signal Box.

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    For those of us in the North West there is a current program to electrify the railways in the Fylde, the Preston to Blackpool (and surroundings).

    I found this video blog a couple of months ago covering some of the many changes going on. It started 3 or 4 years ago with a bridge rebuilding program but it has escalated over the last 6 months. The posts and "fizzy knitting" is starting to be erected. The line has recently reopened after a signalling upgrade (all LED and controlled from Manchester I'm led to believe). This has led to existing signal boxes along the line being demolished. The latest blog post covers the last signal box, Poulton, being demolished (9:30).

    I'm just posting this entry to highlight this bloggers effort.:thumbs: He's been out all weathers covering details on the line, highly entertaining and mixing personal video with aerial drone footage. I consider it a very entertaining and valuable video record of the changes we are currently seeing around here and thought it might be of interest to others. Replacement rolling stock is being sourced from Zaragosa, Spain. :'(
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    For those that like that sort of thing....... can I point you in the direction of the latest publication from the L&YRS........


    No connection apart from the being the Publication Sales Officer for the society & if you order a copy I'll be the one that sends it too you. ;)

    Of course, if you're a Society member you'll have had your copy already :thumbs:
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    Cheeky enquiry then - if we joined as a member would we get a copy in the welcome pack? :rolleyes:
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    I have that in the shop, terrific value at £15.00 and absolutely packed full of good stuff, highly recommended:thumbs:

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    Adrian, very likely....... (Eighteen hours on & I have to qualify that statement). What new members get in the 'welcome' pack is the previous 2-3 copies of the Focus magazine along with the previous 2-3 copies of Magazine (effectively the newsletter - having said that, the last issue ran to some 24 pages, so it's hardly a 'letter') along with other goodies.

    So, sorry, no big books on start up.............. However, as the following paragraph states, any publications produced during the period of your membership are sent automatically at no extra charge. Members are currently, eagerly, awaiting a new publication on Permanent Way later this year.

    Also, I believe we’re the only line society who don’t charge members for the publications produced during the period of your membership, it’s all covered by your subs..... :thumbs::thumbs:
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