Finescale - of a sort?!

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Peter Insole, 26 December 2016.

  1. Alan

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    My Gob is well and truly smacked. Just stunning workmanship.
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    Haha, that has got to be one of the funniest sentences connected to railway modelling :))

    Great workmanship Peter.

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    Well Pete over 2 days I’ve read the 13 pages so far and it’s fantastic what you are creating from DIY bits essentially.
    Great inspirational stuff in those pages.
    In fact I have no grandchildren yet! But went over to the argoose website to look £100 currently, said to my good lady top of the list if or when little ones arrive! What about if they’re girls came the reply, it Will be a daisy in that case says I!
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    Thank you Alan, Ian and Ade, I'm so glad you are enjoying this project. The trouble is, so am I - perhaps even too much?!

    Finding answers when faced with each apparently insoluble problem, and being only too aware of insufficient previous knowledge or experience, tools, materials or even available funding is extremely gratifying. The thought that others might benefit also is the cherry on top!

    Drives the folks at home completely nuts though?!

    Here is another of those awkward bits that had me worrying for a while:

    The diagonal reversing lever on the weighshaft is rectangular and tapered in form, bent at either end and blends from angular to radial at it's axial point!

    Cut it from one block maybe?

    Not really a sensible option with wood, as the grain might prove too weak on such a slender carving, and neither did I fancy trying to drill holes at shallow angles for the axle and pivot pin.


    SAM_xy2923.JPG SAM_xy2925.JPG

    At least the grain is in two directions with plywood, enabling me to choose which way to cut it.

    Filing half round slots in the two halves hopefully would get round the drilling issue too?


    I had left a large rectangular lump at the main pivot end to provide a bit of meat to clamp or grip onto when running a drill bit through (by hand) for fine adjustment.

    When satisfied with the fit, I started cutting away, forming and filing the subtle transition shape.


    I didn't quite get the geometry right, but hope that it will at least look - and especially be strong and fit enough for purpose?

    I dipped into the nuts and bolts box and made use of one of my dwindling collection of hex drive, round head machine screws, suitably modified for the upper pin.

    A decision that slightly annoyed me later on...!

    SAM_xy2935.JPG SAM_xy2950.JPG SAM_xy2944.JPG

    The last act was to make up another batch of "old steel" paint:

    I can never remember the precise mix proportions, so always use a genuine sample to work from. In this case it is a perfectly "old" bit of steel that I use as a handy gluing and general paper weight.

    The colour was mostly made up with matt brown and black, while the silver was added by dry brushing applied to the outer areas and edges of each part:

    SAM_xy2951.JPG SAM_xy2954.JPG

    There is a strange, red reflection casting an odd and deceptive shade over almost everything in this last photo.

    Somehow I had managed to obtain temporary planning permission (Lockdown only) to hang a much prized, but very large and heavy enamel sign on our front room wall!

    I just forgot to shift the loco to another location and avoid the rosy glow in the morning sunshine!!

  5. Oz7mm

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    Is this the world’s first whittled loco?

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  6. Peter Insole

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    I fear not John, I am merely attempting to follow in the footsteps of the true master!

    Have a look for a chap called Harold Manwaring...

    This stunning wooden engine works by compressed air!

    harold manwaring 586a7e4b383379bd9421ee0cfb4359c5.jpg

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    So what kind of tunes can he play on that? Being a wood wind instrument and all....

    I would also like to add that I'm blown away by that craftsmanship ;)