Finney7 LSWR L12

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  1. JimG

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    It might be worth a try to see if a small drill would survive. At least with 3D printing you don't have a cost like a new photo tool for an adjustment. :)

    I think if I had to drill the holes without a pilot, I would start them off with a slot drill in the milling machine and get as deep as I could with that then change to a twist drill. At least that should give a reasonably long straight start to the hole which should keep a drill on the straight and narrow. :)

  2. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    I did all mine .8mm hand-held in a Dremel:D.....and no breakages.

    I've obviously got steady hands and a good eye.....and a shedload of luck on this occasion:)

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  3. Steph Dale

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    Interesting debate about the pin hole. I've just checked the manufacturer's advice and it won't meet their specs. Either the hole is too small or the material either side of the hole is too thin.

    The materials used are of good quality, and I'm sure will have no inclusions so I'm confident that drilling for a pin isn't unduly tricky.

  4. Dikitriki

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    Crank axle finished, including the connecting rods and valve spindles. No issues, other than just building it.


    I might even get it under power today, but there's a small matter of plain rods to build (mutter)......

  5. Pencarrow

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    I'm not sure work as neat and perfect as that should be allowed. Beautiful. Pitty to hide it inside the frames.
  6. Dikitriki

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    Thank you Chris,

    Apart from the fact that I have to build it to check it fits, there's a lot of space underneath the boiler, and the inside motion is clearly visible. The cranks themselves are pretty big and the rotation will catch the eye.

  7. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad


    Well, it all fitted.



    I was going to take a video, but the camera hasn't recovered from filming the garden railway - it's on recharge at the moment. I'll put the body on too, so we can see how much is visible.

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  8. Scale7JB

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    Lovely, Richard...

    I'm doing etched crank webs for the D16, we'll see how that works out..

  9. Dikitriki

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    Video of the valve gear.....

    And the first pic of body and chassis united (now with plain rods :) )

    I guess I can sign off on the test build - we already have the tender in the range - though I shall finish it off and get it painted.

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  10. Peter Cross

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    The motion looks great. The crank is almost frighting in its action. Cant wait to see the K10.
  11. Rob Pulham

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    I am sure it wasn't but you make it look so easy Richard:thumbs:
  12. P A D

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    Superb Richard.

    Completely mad, but superb!

  13. Pencarrow

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    Mesmerising to watch the video. True craftsmanship.
  14. Dikitriki

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    Thanks for the kind words, folks.
  15. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad


    Just bringing this a bit more up to date. I put in quite a lot of time prior to the Doncaster show in dressing the L12 to give it a bit more character.

    It certainly occasioned some interest, particularly with the 3DP cranks and the inside valve gear.





    I've got nearly all the parts to complete it now, including a watercart tender, so it should take a further big step forward in time for Telford.

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  16. SimonT

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    You'll be wanting some instructions then, unless you're going to write them;)
  17. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    Ah, I've sussed instructions....

    ''Now build the Walschaerts outside valve gear'' :)

    There, done.
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  18. Steph Dale

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    While it has a certain ring to it, to coin a phrase; it's good, but it's not right...

  19. SimonT

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    So it is all a matter of being in the right place at the right time, a bit like whats ‘is names cat. “Just build it” saves a lot of trees and there would be space to add “Go and stand in the right place.” Universal instructions. Ikea were so wrong.

  20. Steph Dale

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    Schroedinger's cat? More a case of not being sure whether it was dead or alive or, metaphysically, both.

    We could try that one: 'This box contains all parts' and 'Contents may differ from description' could go on the outside of the box...? Then, at least, we wouldn't have to say what kit was supposed to be in the box.

    L12 is coming along well.

    Steph, or perhaps just over-thinking. :confused: