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    I wouldn’t mind one of these as well!!

    Was I dreaming or did I read some time back that you may do the Giesel oblong Ejector as an option for the Battle of Britain??
    I commissioned Chris at severn Mill to do me a set of plates for Fighter command about 8 years ago! It would be nice to make use of them at some point.
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    No you were not, yes we are :cool:.

    It's not an overly technical exercise, I even have a spare (unfit for sale) resin casing to work with, it's just time.....and a little more progressive memory management.

    To expand on Richards text last week.

    The main push has been re-issuing existing kits where practicable, but that also has to be balanced with new projects, some times the workload favors one, sometimes the other. Recently for me it's been the LNER Pacifics, new instructions, some reworked castings and some new ones as well; some of these are also pertinent to the W1 and some of the new W1 are also crossed over back to the A4.

    The Pacifics are all but complete and within a few weeks I should have a complete set of castings, both resin, brass and white metal for the W1.

    Once I return to the UK (just over two weeks time) the focus is on checking the W1 castings and making sure they fit the etches (adjust if necessary), clean up any loose ends required for production and then send off for the final photo tool.

    Once the etches return I will begin the final BFB (build from box), this will make sure everything fits, all the sundries, wire lengths, screws etc are cataloged; it will also be photographed and the instructions written as I go along to speed up the process.

    Post Telford I will have cleared all my distractions away and will be doing nothing else except the W1 final build.

    Once that is done it will be the B1; lesson learnt on the W1 should hopefully reduce the development time on the B1.