Prototype FKW Refurb

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by simond, 1 November 2019.

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    In case anyone is chasing paint colours from the South East, they appear to have stripped the canopy supports at Folkestone West, leaving a veritable rainbow of old paints.


    I have not the slightest idea why the picture has landed sideways as I photographed it with my phone the normal way up, but given that the colours are the same, and the photo has zero artistic merit, it makes no great difference

    the second photo is the canopy on the down line which appears to be suffering from gribble or something - it has a pronounced slant to the end, bizarrely the bearers look like they were made that way, though there’s no evidence that the other end, or indeed the up canopy has such a feature


    Hope they’re useful to somebody
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