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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by ceejaydee, 18 October 2011.

  1. Dikitriki

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    Hi Steve,

    Can you post a/some photos of what came in the 1/32 LNER CCT kit please.

  2. Dave Bowden

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    I have just sold the 10mm version of the Syphon C to a fellow EAG member, and with this kit there wasn’t a roof unlike the 1/32 kit which now has a slatted roof that will fold over it, this will save time and effort from sourcing a brass or plastic one.

    Can you post a photo of yours please Steve.

  3. isambardme

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    IMG_2947.JPG IMG_2948.JPG
    I hope these photos taken a week or so ago are of interest.

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  4. isambardme

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  5. isambardme

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    Hi Dave, I took this photo a while ago, I will endeavour to get better photos of the Syphon & the LNER CCT for you & Richard.
    Bear with me. Cheers,

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  6. isambardme

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    IMG_2957.JPG IMG_2956.JPG
    I hope the 2 new photos show the LNER CCT kit contents for Richard & the Syphon roof detail for Dave. The roof design is similar in both kits. Ken had sent an early prototype of this new roof design for a small van with an earlier order of mine. (My feedback to him on this new development was very positive.) By the way the LNER CCT was produced in 2 batches, one in 1939 & the other in 1950 (by BR).
    Hope this helps. View attachment 82796 View attachment 82797
    p.s. People following this thread might also like to view the Dikitriki (Richard) WT thread on building his 1/32nd LNER D114 BTK coach & Richard's 'Garden Railway Pipedream'.
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