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    For those not in the know, this weekend, Saturday 14th to be exact, sees the return of Gauge 1 North at the Bakewell Agricultural Centre in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

    Details here

    I'll be there with the stand, along with a truck load of other traders as well...…… :rolleyes::rolleyes: :thumbs:

    For a measly £5.00 (accompanied under 16's get in free) you get a day of Gauge 1 entertainment in quite a very pleasant location & if you or your partner gets bored (??) you can always wander into the village & sample the local pudding (don't ask for a tart - not the done thing :eek::eek: :)) )

    Oh, nearly forgot, the adjoining café does pretty damned good food as well (proper farmers scran).

    See you Saturday

    Barry (with his Metalsmith hat on).
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  2. David Halfpenny

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    See you there, Barry!

    While the 1:32 Finescale Group won't have an individual stand, many members will be there, some with their measly fivers and others stewarding.
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    Hi all,

    I really enjoyed the Bakewell Show. Plenty of exhibitors to talk to, lots of live steam from a super freight train going at slow speed to an LNER Mallard that seemed keen to exceed it's original speed record ! Even some newly arrived BR Mk 1 coaches for sale on various stands. Saw David Halfpenny having a chat to a trader & met Richard Lambert too. I must note that my mate David Hawker's wife walked into Bakewell & saw plenty of Bakewell Tarts advertised, but no Bakewell Puddings! I did not get the chance to check this important matter out as I had no opportunity, the show took up all of my time. Bakewell & it's surroundings is also a place my wife & I must come back to, great scenery & walks nearby.

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    Steve, I am profoundly shocked by your news!
    I ask you, Mrs. Hawker, what on earth is the point of carrying on gang warfare for two centuries if nobody can be bothered to raise their eyes to the signs above the three rival shops:
    BBPS.jpg BPS.jpg OOBPS.jpg

    For next year, do NOT attempt to eat one the size in the photo above, without being in easy reach of medical assistance.

    For those of more delicate disposition, Bakewell Pudding Flavour Ice Cream was also touted for sale, and I must say it poses less risk of immediate cardiac arrest and, to some folk, tastes better as well.
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    Seriously, though, Steve, glad you enjoyed it. There was a good feel to the proceedings, despite the hight ambient heat.

    Spotted LankTank peddling his high-precision metal - we are nothing without our Suppliers - and several other contributors to this page.

    I'd been hoping to pick up an r/c kit for my Victory, but it's not in manufacture yet. People told me their Victorys are very biddable, which not all piston-valved models without drain-cocks are. Possibly because a fair proportion of flue gases bathe the valve block rather than escape up t'chimbley.

    My rolling stock purchases this year were a nice couple of 100 year old Vintage coal wagons to go with my three-rail and clockwork engines. Please don't tell on me.
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