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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Genghis, 28 April 2015.

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    How do people join tender sides to the body when there is no access on the inside to run a soldering iron on the joint? I will probably tin all surfaces and then run the iron (or gas torch) along the joints, but is there a better way?
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    The tender is nearly complete. Some filling is required around the fireiron tunnel. I am having a head-scratch about how to fit the frame spacers but make them removable. The brass sprung buffers provided in the kit will be replaced by the MOK self contained type.

    tender front.jpg
    tender left.jpg tender rear.jpg
    tender right.jpg
    tender bogie.jpg tender bogie.jpg
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    I usually solder the sides to the base and then the tops to the well deck and coal space, not easy or neat but like yourself, I've not found away to get in there once the internal sub assembly is complete. On the A1 tender I did solder the sides to the internal structure and then added the coal space and rear well deck but that was just as fiddly.

    It's all looking very good though :thumbs:

    Mick D
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    Might be a bit late, but what about a "footplate, buffer beams & outer frames" subassembly and a "tank and coal space" subassembly, and a couple of screws to hold it together ?

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    Thank you: hadn't thought of that. I'll look into it. Pity I have painted the bogie!

    The other thought was something that OzzyO (I think) posted on another channel. Solder some brass bar inside the outer frames, drilled and tapped so that the spacers can be held by screws.
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    Ozzy's approach was pretty much where I was going, except soldering the bar on the inside of the upper works and screwing the up from inside the frames.

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    Just received this from Paul Moore.

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    That looks a picture, well worth the effort I think.
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    Thank you, and thanks for your very helpful information and advice during the build. I am looking forward to seeing her in the flesh so to speak!
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    Wot! No posts since August! Well Telford came and went followed by a couple of business trips but I am now back in the swing of things. I'll post a better update later but these show progress.
    footplate and frames.jpg

    Frames went together nicely. No real issues with the running plate: just the usual pfaff in forming the curved sections.

    The firebox wrapper was a bit long and had to be filed back to the former, but otherwise the smokebox/boiler/firebox and cab assemblies went together well. The cab is secure but the rest are just positioned in this photo.
    boiler in place.jpg

    I had fun making a support for the bracket that stops the ABC gearbox from rotating.
    gearbox support.jpg

    Work is now underway on the brake gear. The only issue here was that the pull rod from the crank to the rear beam was a bit long and had to be shortened.

    brake gear.jpg

    It's good to be back at the workbench again.
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    No update from me for a long time, but I have been dropping into other threads. Very busy at work and with Gladiator, but here are a coupleof shots showing progress with Sir Frank.
    Sir Frank 1.jpg
    Sir Frank 2.jpg Sir Frank 2.jpg

    Should be complete in primer at the Bristol show.
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    I have been so busy recently that I haven't found the time to post much, but Sir Frank is now ready for the trip home and will be decorating the Gladiator stand at the Bristol show. As noted elsewhere on the net, the kit design is quite old but it goes together well.
    nearly complete.jpg
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    Sir Frank Ree has been blessed by Paul Moore's magic brush and will be at the Gladiator stand at Reading on Saturday week.


    A Stanier Mogul is also nearly complete.
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    Just fresh from works is a Gladiator Stanier Mogul. Like Sir Frank, it will be on display on the Gladiator stand at Reading this weekend.



    post-13840-0-02119300-1493526611_thumb.jpg post-13840-0-02119300-1493526611_thumb.jpg
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    Mogul now returned from Paul Moore:
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    No posts for a very long time, but that is because the last model across the bench was a Finney West Country, not something you can knock together in a weekend! In fact this has taken me 9 months but is now back from Paul Moore who did the final detailing and painting. Many thanks for his help.

    Crediton will be on display on the Gladiator stand at Doncaster next week. We are next to the Finney stand, so if you like it, you can pop next door and buy one!

    IMG_0060.jpeg IMG_0063.jpeg

    I am just finishing a Gladiator H2: the unpainted model should also be on view.
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    They look so much better in BR green than that awful colour Bullied painted them.
    Lovely work from both you and the painter. Look forward to seeing more on the Atlantic.
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    That does look great.:thumbs: It's my favourite condition and livery.
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    Thats where one of my mates lives..

    Beautiful model!