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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Genghis, 28 April 2015.

  1. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    Trevose Head - which was on display in its unpainted condition on the Gladiator stand at Doncaster - has now emerged from Paul Moore's magical workshop.


    IMG_0083.jpeg IMG_0084.jpeg
    Next through the workshop is a Gladiator (ex-Northstar) King Arthur, Sir Bors de Ganis. What a great name! This is progressing well, but did you know it's not a good idea to try to catch your 80W soldering iron when it falls from the workbench? There will be a hiatus while the blisters heal.
  2. Stewart

    Stewart Active Member

    Trevose Head looks superb, and bodes well for your King Arthur.

    I have the same kit in the que. It will
    be Sir Percivale, 30772, my old school house.

    Sir Bors was also one of the houses.

    Have you selected a nameplate supplier?

  3. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    Thank you. Paul Moore will select the nameplates. He usually uses Guilplates.
  4. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    So the blisters have healed and I have been able to get back to the bench. Tender construction has been straightforward, but does anybody know what the hole in the tank top next to the toolboxes is for? DSC_0126a.jpg

  5. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Could the hole be for the water level gauge?
  6. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    Pretty sure you are correct: Peter Cross has found a photo showing it. Must have something suitable in the spares cabinets.................
  7. Crispinhj1

    Crispinhj1 New Member

    I've recently been catching up and read this thread from the start. Great modelling, thanks for taking the time to share
  8. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    It has been a long while since I have posted anything. My excuse is that my mother-in-law passed away in June and my mother earlier this month, so the personal life has been somewhat strained of late. Building has been severely impacted as I have been spending much more time in the air than usual. However, Sir Bors de Ganis has now emerged form Paul Moore's workshop.


    I have started on a Horseshoe tender version of the ex-Fourtrack J6 and will post later, though Rob Pulham has most bases covered already. Plus of course Heather did an excellent thread on her build.
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  9. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Sorry to hear of your loses.
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  10. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    Thank you.
  11. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Likewise, my commiserations to you both.

    The King Arthur is lovely.

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  12. dibateg

    dibateg Western Thunderer

    Sorry to hear your news David -difficult times.

  13. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer


    I am constantly impressed every time I see you at a show, knowing how far you travel and the effort required; even more so now due to your recent bereavements.

    My best wishes to you and your family in these hard times.

    Mick D
  14. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    Just through the workshop is a J6. Unlike Rob's build this is a straight out of the box effort and has the horseshoe tender.
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  15. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    The J6 has now emerged from Paul Moore's workshop.

    IMG_0221 (002).jpeg
    IMG_0223 (002).jpeg
    Quite pleased with this in the end even though it doesn't have the bells and whistles that Rob is adding to his build.
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  16. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    It looks very nice David, I may need to add one of those to my own stash at some point - that said I may decide to scratch build one from the bits that I have left from the option to build the earlier version.
  17. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    I haven't posted anything for ages. I'm working on a Gladiator C4/C5. Progress has been intermittent due firstly to work commitments and secondly to having had both knees replaced two weeks ago. I hope to be back at the bench this weekend.
  18. Genghis

    Genghis Western Thunderer

    Just to show that there is a little something going on:


    Still haven't located the reel of invisible solder...............
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  19. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    It's in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but Mickoo and Dikitriki have taken most of it. There might be still be some wrapped around the Unicorn's horn. :thumbs:
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