Geoff's G3 Workbench pre 1860 railways

Discussion in 'G3' started by geoff_nicholls, 18 September 2015.

  1. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    I didn't notice at first Geoff, but is that really a solid printed nylon crank axle?

  2. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    Yes, it is. It works very nicely. Of course the loco is in effect a light wagon pushed in front of the powered tender.
  3. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    My entire pre 1860 LNWR stock, so far, on show. The 4 comp second (the Wappenham Coach) is a Williams Models/David Viewing kit, the reson casting of a first class carriage compartment is a Williams Models/G Nicholls project.
    The Parly Trains 4 wheeled cab is looking good. The parts I received didn't include axles, so I made mine out of 5mm dowell. I'm looking forward to spending time painting the Modelu figures, something I've never tried before.
    The Bury 0-4-0 runs well, but the MSC Models JH motor still has a loud growl, I guess I just need to run it in.

    20200523_120527.jpg 20200523_120535.jpg 20200523_120631.jpg
  4. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    The Parly Trains carriage, and the Modelu Ragged Victorians are ready for the paint shop.
    20200528_122430.jpg 20200528_122359.jpg
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