Good Evening from a soggy Peak District

Discussion in 'New members' started by Charles Eric, 12 June 2019.

  1. Charles Eric

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    After visiting a few times and seeing several names I recognise I thought I may as well join in.
    I started model trains with Hornby O Gauge not long after I started to walk. Inevitable I suppose as we lived at my Grandfather's house and he had been on the Signal Department since LNWR days. After progressing to Dublo I dropped off modelling due to family commitments and the fact I was spending about 50 hours a week on the 12" to the foot stuff.
    A few of you may know me from 'Another Place' where I am known by my former profession in Signal Engineering. I handed my badges in a while ago and started a layout based on the Black Country in Death Steam years. If I live that long I also intend to build a layout set in the West Country based on experiences on summer holidays on both GWR and SR lines.
  2. Alan

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    Good to see you here. Your last layout idea seems an excellent one.