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    There are two N/2mm RTP Atlanteans - a single door version from BT which is, I think, cast metal, and a two door version from Bachmann Scenecraft which is woefully underscale (even smaller than 1:160 for some reason). Consequently I've persevered with the N-Train 3D print despite it being very blocky and simplified with a rough finish. I've grafted the lower front from my aborted conversion of a HK Cars Workshop Fleetline to a Titan project on to the 3D print to get the necessary front end curvature:

    And built up the roof with plasticard and filler to get the slight doming on it:


    Currently I'm playing around with the wheels as the one supplied with the N-Train print, although printed in the finer FUD material, look a little big making the bus ride high. I've temporarily fitted the ones from the CW Fleetline (as that is now effectively destroyed) to get an idea of how they look:


    Despite the photographs being cruel and close-up, I'm quite pleased with how far it's come from the boxy, featureless 3D printed model I started with. After all it is a small N/2mm model measuring just 2.5 inches long and 1.25 inches tall. It's now looking like a little toy of the actual prototype even if not fully accurate. Hopefully, the rest of the work, tidying up, painting and glazing will help make it look like a little model.

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    I didn't get much further with the Titan B15 before a package arrived in the post with an order from the 2mm Scale Association. As I'm keen to crack on with the project the bits are for I've put the Titan to one side. I'll have to get back to finishing it off at a later date.

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    There's not been a lot of modelling from me recently, but I've had a bash at a 3D printed brake tender. It's not exactly in the same league as Tim's exquisite micro-engineering scratch-building and only required attempting to smooth the printing stratification effect, replacing the moulded handrail grabs with wire, adding some brake handwheels and slapping on some paint.

    It's not quite finished and there's still a little to do (touching and tidying up paint, finishing off the weathering, etc.). And apologies for the poor pic it was taken quickly with a snap-gun compact as my DSLR is in for repair/service. I know the decals aren't quite correct - these Stratford built angular brake tenders were heavier than the rounded type at 37t - but they are what were on the Fox sheet :


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