great eatern N7 O gauge kit

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    I am painting my N7 as Stratford engine 69712, I want to highlight the smokebox ring, I believe they were not painted but the ge boys burnished them.
    so at present the loco is sprayed black.
    I am wondering should I paint the ring or use a scapel to scrape off the paint back to whitemetal.
    obviously this will all be varnished after transfers so the whiemetal should stay nice and clean.
    the other thing I thought Imight do is paint the coupling rods red, another ge tradition.
    I no in br days things wereclet go but have seen photos in the book On Great Easternlines by Peter Swinger and it shows a J17 in workhorse condition withcpainted rods, I just thought it mightclook neat and I would like to keep it in a reasonable clean state