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    You can't be serious :eek:......!
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    K10 first please. Or it will be at the top of the scratch build list.
    I would not of been going to Telford this year, don't think they'd let me in to the UK yet.
  3. Osgood

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    The cast iron framework of that engine shed is something else - would you have any idea if it was based on a real building, and if so where?
  4. SimonT

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    George Orwell summed it up in Animal Farm "All kits are equal, those painted salmon pink are more equal"

    The design is coming along very nicely. Doing swoopy bits such as the firebox at them moment.

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  5. SLNCR57

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    Indeed it is real, it still exists, and is in daily railway use. Inchicore works, Dublin. Pic courtesy Derby Sulzers. 1403FD98-47AC-43B4-8A82-3521DC14CFDB.jpeg
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    I think your copy of Animal Farm is an old copy, the amended version states “ All kits are equal, but Gods Wonderful Railway are more equal...”

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    I thought GWR meant Gresley was Right :D

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    I thought it stood for Green Wet Rusty!:p

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    Jealousy is such a sad affliction! ;):)
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    You can make something better from the letters if you add a N and a S to front and the swap the G and the W over.

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    Hehe, interesting. I find the careful addition of the word 'Chicago' soon helps me return to a more even keel. Same principle though... :D

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    Or insert a T and drop the R - GTW ;).
  13. SLNCR57

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    As ever, there’s a simple Irish solution, which allows you to keep GWR and have green engines - even a broader gauge.....Just add an M. ....Midland Great Western Railway .

    Model and photo - David Malone.

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  14. Marc Dobson

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    a far better shade of green!

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