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  1. michl080

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    Good morning fellow modellers,

    I would like to purchase a GW rivet tool and I am wondering which one is the best for 7mm kits. There is a standard, a universal and heavy duty universal tool available. The heavy duty is currently not available, but the others are. Any recommendations?

    best regards,
  2. eastsidepilot

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    I've used a universal model for years for 7mm modelling, advertised at £95.00, and can recommend it. Didn't know there was a heavy duty version ?

  3. delticfan

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    The heavy duty tool is a proper piece of kit but I agree the £95 one is good enough.
  4. Jon Nazareth

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    There's one for sale on ebay.

  5. michl080

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    Thanks Jon,

    let's see...

  6. michl080

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    the Ebay auction ended 20 GBP above the GW-price, so I ordered one at George Watt directly. Ordering form Germany without credit card or Paypal is not easy, but George had no problems with my weird "cash in the envelope" order. A very impressive little tool for a very reasonable price. The difference between my old gravity rivet tool and the GW device is HUGE.

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  7. P A D

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    Hi Michael,
    Glad to hear you got one OK. It really makes a difference even just for punching half etch rivets, compared to other methods. If you compare the result on the bunker of my A3 tender done with an auto centre punch, to the A4 tender bunker done with the GW tool, the consistency of the rivets with the GW is far superior and there is hardly any distortion of the work piece.

    However, the handle needs some padding or rubber added to ease the impact on the palm of your hand, when you are doing a lot of rivets in one go.

    Happy riveting.

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