1/32 GWR Handrails - Bulldog

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    Dr Tony White, who is no longer in a position to drive to a GWR site, writes:

    "I’m in the final stages of building a F/S 1/32 GWR Bulldog 4-4-0. But having problems sourcing the prototype dimensions of Great Western locomotive handrail knobs. Yes I know that they vary in length, but the diameter of the ball, the diameter of handrail, the diameter of the stalk and the diameter of the flange that rests against the boiler or firebox.

    But much more important, where can I get ones to use on a dead scale 1/32 scale model. The ones I have bought at present seem rather 'clunky' compared to the appearance in prototype photographs. In particular the ball is too large in diameter.

    I have a few that are ideal, just like the prototype in photos, but not enough for this loco, and I have no idea where they came from. The are much more delicate and have threaded bases to take a nut under the cladding presumably, although that is not an essential feature, maybe just a clue as to their origin.

    Any ideas would be helpful."

    Can we help, him, please?

    David 1/2d