Harbour side clay dries.

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by DwayneDibbly, 1 October 2018.

  1. DwayneDibbly

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    an O gauge layout in a shed.
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    DwayneDibbly New Member

    Hi, new to this forum. I shall be posting my work on my layout and workbench whilst building Blue diesels and running China clay wagons.
    Got bored of posting on RM web.
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  3. AdeMoore

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    Interesting Dwayne love Cornish lines looking forward to more.
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    DwayneDibbly New Member

    All week I have been receiving more supplies for the dries. Today the corrugated sheets arrived so I can crack on now. I will post some photos this weekend.
    The dries are loosely based on the Blackpool dries at Burngullow and I added a bagged clay facility to add operational variety. Hopefully it should look like part of a much bigger facility.
    The main structure is over 3 foot long, which sounds big, but if I built to scale it would fill my shed!
    At least it should smell nice as I am going to add loads of talcum powder to the dries.
  5. DwayneDibbly

    DwayneDibbly New Member

    Time for some pictures.
    The clay dries and bagged clay storage are coming along nicely. It is a huge building at 3 foot long.
    The 2 main areas will have removable roof areas so I can reach lights and paint it etc.
    I have started to clad the roof and Mark out a few sky lights. Loads to do still.
    I also picked up a cute little loader today.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    I really must clad that Pringles container.
    Oh and I also made a box for the speaker to fit inside my 03.
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    Nice photos, interesting subject. When you post photographs next please click on the full size image tab so that the photos are included as a larger format.
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    Hello Dwayne,
    An interesting subject. And one reasonably close (geographically) to me. I particularily applaud your selflessness in reducing the snack mountain to further your modelling :)


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    Sounds just my cuppa this - look forward to see progress...:thumbs: