Harry D. Evans & Rogers and Ystradgynlais & Yniscedwyn Colliery Contract.

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    Work in the wagon building shed at Crymlyn A Shop has been very quiet of late but our foreman is pleased to announce two new contracts.

    These are for Harry D. Evans & Rogers and Ystradgynlais & Yniscedwyn Colliery.

    Dai Larfin, the storeman, is pleased that he will only have to order two colours of paint but Dai the Paint, our sign writer, has been suffering from palpitations ever since he saw the artwork!

    The last two wagons to complete the contract for Graigola Merthyr Colliery and William Rees of Llanelly Have been shunted out of Crymlyn A Shop wagon works.

    Our foreman is pleased as this will clear out the works ready for the Harry D. Evans and the Ystradgynlais Colliery contracts.

    They can be seen here gleaming in the morning sunlight. We wonder how long they will stay this clean in service?

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    Nice wagons love the funny name on the second one.
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