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Discussion in 'New members' started by AndyJEH, 2 December 2017.

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    I’ve been a moderately active member of RMWeb, looks nervously if should say that, and see a few familiar names.

    I really model 2ft and 18” narrow gauge in a bizarre scale of 12mm = 1ft, well in my mind it works. Suffice to say I haven’t done a huge amount due to work life balance being askew.

    I have inherited a fondness for all things Western region, and particularly late BR era steam though am too young to remember it, and sadly been passed a large collection of stock I have nowhere to keep let alone run.

    83J Penwenack, a semi industrial dockside station approach, is the start of a finescale 7mm linear layout. A 2 track fiddle yard on right, with a road bridge providing a visual feature to link daydream plans for the left, but now a void. Main features are a demolished engine shed, but turntable (in the making) and water coaling facilities with a class 4 signal box (why did the gwr have non standard standardisation!). Plans for a broad gauge camping coach (story is the docks retained broad gauge through intransigence) and little tableau act as a screen to activity with a line of large pine trees. Those who know the branchlines of Cornwall might recognise this. It is very much a showcase for engines and the odd wagon, and a massive ‘Work in Progress’.
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    Welcome to WT Andy:thumbs:
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    Welcome aboard.
    We've no problem with mentioning RMWeb. It's not a banned word in any sense - and no problem linking to modelling of interest from RMWeb.
    which probably describes 90% of the modelling on here so I look forward to seeing your work especially the narrow gauge stuff which sounds intriguing.
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    Thanks Both,
    Only tongue in cheek Adrian. :) Railway modelling isn’t that agro, unless backpacks and shows are mentioned!
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    :eek: Get him!!

    Welcome aboard Andy.
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    Welcome from across the river in sunny Devon :)