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    Hi all, some of you lovely gentlemen might recognise me from RMWeb where I have been posting for a while but thought I'd introduce myself here as you seem a friendly bunch! I will hopefully post some stuff about my layout-in-progress, Monk's Gate, 7mm Midland C1907 and also my MRJ Cameo Comp entry Midland in Bristol.
    All the best,
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    Welcome to the madhouse..........:eek::rolleyes:
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    IMG_3726.JPG A little snap of Monk's Gate...
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    That looks very nice :thumbs: stop teasing and show some more!
    I hope to get to grips with the scenic side of things in the near(ish) future :)
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    That's amazing :)
    I really need to get the 'railway room' decorated so I can get the baseboards in! Great little (compact?) layouts oozing with superb detail are such an inspiration. Thanks for the extra pics Richard:thumbs:
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