2mm Help and advice needed to repair Graham Farish GWR Railcar

Discussion in '2mm Lounge' started by Joe's Garage, 21 May 2020.

  1. Joe's Garage

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    Hi, I recently acquired an original GF GWR Railcar (Poole) which has split gears on each bogie. I have spoken to BR Lines for costs and availability but am really looking for advice on how to fix this. I do not necessarily want to convert to 2mm FS as this will involve a higher cost at the moment but will look at the later wheelsets that Bachmann have fitted.

    I have been advised by BR Lines that you should replace the armature bearings on the motor but can anyone recommend as to why if the model has not seen much use to date. I know the plastic in the gears becomes brittle over time but does anyone have any surplus gears or parts left over from any diesel projects? I know there are a few N gauge diesel modellers around on this forum. I am trying not to spend too much money on this project.

    I do hope this is the right forum to ask. Thanks in advance.
  2. Tim Watson

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    Not sure about the gears and sourcing replacements, but Farish motor bearings were plastic. The motor got hot, the bearings melted, the shaft seized it got even hotter. I gave up on them 25 years ago after getting to the point that I could re-motor a mechanism on CF at an exhibition in 1/2 an hour. I know it is some expenditure, but Tramfabrik motors can drop into the space occupied by the armature and they are in a different league.

  3. Joe's Garage

    Joe's Garage Western Thunderer

    Thank you Tim for the guidance, it makes a lot of sense. Hope all is well with you.