7mm Heyside: 7mm L&Y, late 50s/early 60s

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  1. Dikitriki

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    Another largely SR based running session with some unusual visitors.....

    A complete train in one short coach! LSWR brake tri compo with 1st class lav. Brilliant!





    I didn't know whether to entitle this 'E numbers are bad for you' or 'Over the wall'.


    Mmmmm! One of Roger's latest, a very nice Std 5.


  2. Peter Cross

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    Nothing like e's to keep you buzzing.

    The tricompo is a train all in one carriage. And they think miniaturization is a modern thing.

    Layout and SR stock looks great.
  3. 3 LINK

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    I like the STD 5, is it from DJH?

  4. Scale7JB

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    I could quite fancy a Std 5 too. First loco I ever spent time on and fired..

  5. djparkins

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    I agree. I saw 73092 on 8th July 1967, on Bournemouth shed [not in steam] on the last weekend of SR steam, and a little less clean than than on the model above. In the grime on the side of the footplate someone had written an unofficial name King Arthur style name - 'Lord Elpus'!
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  6. Scale7JB

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  7. Yorkshire Dave

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    "'Nay" said Willy Ekerslike "thy should b'titled EEE bah gum".
  8. adrian

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    I believe it's a Sans Pareil kit

    Start of the build is here A West Midlands Works
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  9. Scanlon

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    Due to the inclement weather work on the "garten bahn" had to be suspended affording an opportunity to test the Roxey WD 2-10-0 and other locos. Suffice to say the WD is work in progress and more detail will follow later on the West Midlands Works thread. However, continuing the Southern feel to Heyside a very rare beast appeared in the form of an ACE kit of the ex LBSCR K class mogul.
    K 32351 coal yard 071112 (1).JPG
    This loco was built by Redcraft over 12 years ago and until this session had never been run. From the outset it performed faultlessly and despite the parentage of the kit and some build issues it does at least represent a K, albeit nowhere near as good as Brian Dales wonderful build. The photos were taken at the coal yard end of the layout featuring the superb gantry, an area of the layout somewhat overlooked when selecting photos.
    K 32351 coal yard 071112 (7).JPG
    Oh for a decent kit of these lovely machines, until then this model will have to suffice.
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  10. Ressaldar

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    Perhaps one day F7 might branch out into LBSCR locos - I'd love a decent J 4-6-2t but alas the only available kit is from the same stable as your K

    B326 06.12.04-001.JPG



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  11. Scanlon

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    A few scenes from a running session held last Saturday, freights to the fore
    101118 (1).JPG
    A diverted express with its tender running low bracketed by freights
    101118 (2).JPG
    finally another coal yard shot
    101118 (5).JPG
  12. Jon Fitness

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    Lovely. As much as I'm enjoying the variety of SR locos, it looks a little more "natural" with local stock. :)
  13. Scanlon

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    Ah, Ivatts on Heyside, at rest
    141118 (16).JPG
    43019 backing down to collect wagons
    141118 (18).JPG
  14. Dan Randall

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    Great pictures Roger. :thumbs: I do like those Ivatt 2-6-0s!


  15. FuntleyWorks

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    Nice to see 43019 looking at home!!!
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  16. P A D

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    All built from the College Models kit no doubt! ;)
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  17. Nigel Smith

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    43019 is also a regular on shed at 82G
  18. Dikitriki

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    One of the areas where Heyside needs further work is in the figures, and a big layout such as this absorbs quite large numbers while seeming empty!
    I have invited John Phillips to join the group and he has started work upgrading the existing figures and adding more. I will show you what's going on as and when.

    In the meatime, he brought along his 45xx for a bit of running in. Very nice too.

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  19. Yorkshire Dave

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    However, you'll have to be careful not over-populate and make the platforms look like a rush hour! ;)
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  20. Dikitriki

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    A Wakes week platform would be a bit too much:)

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