Hi From 'Sunny' Kidderminster.

Discussion in 'New members' started by Prairie Tank, 8 January 2019.

  1. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    Hi every one, my name is John and I am a Railway Modelling Addict.

    I have been on this forum before but after problems with my pass word (my memory's fault) and a slight mix up with user names (my memory's fault too) I have returned, sorry ;)

    My main interest is O Gauge now and I have a small shunting lay out with just a few loco's on. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and looking at your loco's, rolling stock and lay outs.

    John :)
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  2. daifly

    daifly Western Thunderer

    Now you've got us worried! Welcome anyway.
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  3. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    Thanks Dave :)

    John :)
  4. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi John,

    welcome to WT, you have already passed the first main requirement - lots of photos with your postings, I look forward to seeing more in the near future.


  5. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    Thank you Mike. I have heard that this is a very good forum ;)

    John :)
  6. Purple-haze

    Purple-haze Western Thunderer

    John,are you coming to the Bristol show January 27 @ UWE Bristol? Generally regarded as well worth a visit, 0 gauge only and almost 100 traders waiting to relive you of several pennies:D. Details on the BOGG website.


  7. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    Hi Rog, yes I am planning to, I have been told that it is one of the best.

    John :)