How to do the interior of 16T minerals?

Discussion in 'Techniques' started by Dog Star, 16 January 2018.

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    I'm fairly sure that most weren't - add damp coal from the washery and and winter at the bottom of a Welsh valley into the mix and a water-tight box results (as it seems to have done here) in which water has clearly frozen. In summer it'd almost certainly just run out of the bottom.

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    So am I!

    It might just be they are filled with a fine coal / shale waste which has become waterlogged and gradually levelled out - likely then to become self-sealing as Adam suggests, which holds water well. Just like old dump trucks :rolleyes:
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    Here's my take on the 16 ton mineral, the interior had a 50/50 coat of matt black/dark earth and a touch of leather with a brush. Once it was bone dry I wafted Humbrol Metalcote Steel over the inside, when this was dry it was polished with cotton buds.

    DSCF3725.JPG DSCF3726.JPG DSCF3727.JPG
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    Hi Col how did you do the outside
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    I've often wondered about this. Strange that there were thousands upon thousands of the things built but no clear record or recollection of how the inside was finished. Maybe that suggests the inside wasn't finished at all? However, there's a photo of a brand new 16 tonner in a rolling stock exhibition at Marylebone. Early 50's I'd guess. The inside of that one has clearly been finished in black. Whether that's 'exhibition finish' or not I don't know. I also recall reading somewhere that a bituminous paint was used inside steel coal carrying wagons to protect against progressive corrosion caused by wet coal. If I come across the photo and references to bituminous paint I'll post them here. In service for any length of time though - all rust, and there's often a 'tide mark' where the top of the load sat.
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    Now those are just what I had in mind, thank you Tony.