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Discussion in 'New members' started by Boxbrownie, 27 November 2016.

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    Always been an ER modeller having lived in London & Essex all my life, but just this year retired to Pastyland so am changing over metals to WR......well it had to happen sooner or later!

    7mm.......and when I eventually unpack my modelling gear (and the rest) it will be a 7mm GWR based around 60-70 time line, most likely very early 60s now as there are some very interesting Locos popping along recently, trouble is what do I do with my 7mm Deltic now? :confused:
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    Welcome BB:thumbs:
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    Hi BB,

    nice to see you over here. Looking forward to seeing lots of phots of your soon to arrive Class 15 hauling the Clay Hoods!


  4. Boxbrownie

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    Haha, thank you......yes the 15 might be an odd visiter but a really lovely one!

    Presently my "railway room" (a serious reason for choosing this house) is still packed to the gunnells with removal boxes while the rest of the house gets a complete make over/decoration/re-build*, the railway modelling has been taking a back seat for the past 12 months since the start of packing my modelling shed before our move, but there is light at the end of the tunnel (hmm maybe room for a tunnel on my new layout now? :D) and hopefully by Spring next year I might be able to get a plan of attack together........fingers crossed :thumbs:

    *as appropriate
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    Welcome BB

    Steve :cool:
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    Not sure if this is an update, or a resurrection!

    At the moment I have actually got around to clearing out the moving boxes etc from the playroom and have been decorating it, so hopefully will soon be able to start in ernest, but.....in other news.........

    It's going to be in 4mm now as since my last post my health has been a bit dodgy and I now find I cannot handle the heavy 7mm stuff, well actually hold it without breaking something, I have decided to go back to 4mm as it is lighter and when handled I can hold it "softer" and not damage bits, also I have lost a lot of dexterity and can no longer actually "model and engineer" like I used to, so I have bought a ready made baseboard and all the track (Trix C-Track as ready ballasted and easy to lay) for a small layout, I decided on Bredon as being enough play value and small enough that I might finish it before anything else goes wrong :D ........anyhoo its going to be a few weeks before I can finish decorating the room as gone are the days when it would take a few days, ho hum.

    Hopefully will have the baseboard assembled and track loose layed before Christmas.
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