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Discussion in '2mm Lounge' started by queensquare, 14 December 2012.

  1. marsa69

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    This is why I sometimes get the urge to scale down to 2mm. I'd be in hog heaven being able to model Bolton trinity Street AND Great Moor street at the same time :eek: I must resist :oops:
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  2. Jordan

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    Just catching up myself.. must've missed this thread somehow...:oops:

    ...and what, pray, gave you any impression at all that any thread on this entire Forum is "Well Organised"...??!!?? :confused: :eek: :))
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    Some of the threads with just the original post and no follow up look, well, organised.
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    fortunately, they are few and far between:)):thumbs:


  5. queensquare

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    Managed to get a few projects finished over Christmas/New Year.

    The Teddy Bear is a finescaled Farish model with turned down wheels, replacement coupling rods, new buffer beams and buffers. IMG_2235a.jpg

    The 08 is from the Association Kit and will be finished in grubby BR green. Both the diesels are based on some beautiful pictures taken by the late Rev Alan Newman - the 14 at Bath Green Park, the Gronk at Radstock.


    Finally we return to the 1920's with 'Holly' the Hudswell Clarke based on some David Eveleigh etches. She will be finished in a very fetching shade of apple green complete with some beautiful nameplates courtesy of Bob 'Fencehouses' Jones - hopefully in time for Railex Aylesbury in May.


  6. SteveO

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    Wow, that Hudswell is superb! How did you do the rear spectacle rims - is it done on the etch?
  7. Jordan

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    Superb stuff indeed.
    I found brass kits challenging enough in 7mm... :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:to those who build 'em in 2mm....:eek:
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  8. Steve Cook

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    A productive Christmas then Jerry, time well spent :)
    Knowing how small that 08 is, that is simply amazing :thumbs:
  9. Phill Dyson

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    Superb Jerry ! :bowdown:

    I would love to see a workbench type thread showing what's involved in loco construction in 2mm :)

    Cheers Phill
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  10. queensquare

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    Thanks all.

    Steve, the rear spectacle rims are indeed on the etch.

    Phil, I will be starting on a NE Q 0-8-0 for Bob Jones Fencehouses soon so, if I can remain reasonably organised, I will try to take photos as I go and do a workbench thread. To be honest its pretty much the same as building stuff in the bigger scales. The bits are smaller but there tend to be fewer of them!

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  11. queensquare

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    Nothing to say really but just noticed I'm on 111 posts so thought I had better add one as I'm about to cook tea and I can't do it stood on one leg:)

  12. Osgood

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    First time I've looked at 2mm close up - that Hudswell (and the 08) is almost unbelievable. Respect.

    I think it should be a rule that each photo has to contain a real human digit so we can't be fooled :)

    Just noticed this is my 7mm scale post - no 43........:D
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    +1 :thumbs:

    Steve :cool:
  14. queensquare

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    Been busy earning a living and building stuff for other people lately so limited progress on my own 2mm stuff but with Tucking Mill heading to Railex in a couple of weeks I thought I would pop up a couple of snaps of the mill that gives the layout its name.




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  15. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    Next weekend we are out on missionary work as the guest scale layout at Expo EM in Bracknell. The intention is to run the layout in c. 1920s mode on the Saturday as illustrated by Andy York's cracking shot of 88 shouldering its way up the bank that passes in front of the colliery.

    On the Sunday we intend to run it in full diesel mode, c.late 60s early 70s, so I treat you to another of Mr Nevards superb shots.


    If you are at either Expo EM or Railex, do come and say hello.

  16. john lewsey

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    Superb stuff
  17. Lovely, but is that Warship riding a bit high?
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  18. queensquare

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  19. Simon

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    Far too high - it would never have got further than Templecombe:p

    Mine's a Hymek!

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  20. queensquare

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    I have pictures of Warships at Bath GP and also on the Radstock, Portishead coal trains. Mind, if we are drinking at the 'Pedant and Armchair' in Polbrook Gurney then the 7F on the previous picture is even more unlikely on such an insignificant branch.

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