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Discussion in '2mm Lounge' started by queensquare, 14 December 2012.

  1. Chris Nevard

    Chris Nevard Western Thunderer

    Rumour has it a Blue Poolman has been seen?
    Looks like the summer of '69, so being high is all part of it, especially near Bath... ;)
  2. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    Locals at the P&A have called an emergency meeting of AA (Authenticity Anonymous) following rumours of some of the motive power that turned up on Tucking Mill at the Nottingham and York shows earlier this year.




  3. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    I had to just remind myself that this was 2mm.

    In particular, the 37 and LNW 0-8-2 show just how far 2mm has come.


  4. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    +1:bowdown::bowdown::thumbs: Oh that my eyes were that good.
  5. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    Ditto!!! :oops:

    I like the sound of that :)).
    I hereby declare that further Meets of WT Members, wherever they occur, shall henceforth be deemed to have been held at the Pedant & Armchair. :cool:
    Members are free to admit or deny whether they are members of AA (Authenticity Anonymous) as they see fit.:rolleyes:
  6. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Hi Jerry that 0 8 2 looks just right it really is very nice
  7. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    Thanks all. As many of you may know I actively encourage 2mm members to bring something inappropriate along to run - we've had some real gems over the years.

    The Manor is the work of Andy Carlson (see his beautiful class 41 here Ixion body on replacement chassis Andy is part of the St Ruth team which can be seen at Railex this year.

    The 37 is by Steve 'Pixie' Nichols. Repainted, lowered and detailed Farish with replacement drop in wheels. Steve will be helping me out at Expo EM - diesel day on Sunday.

    The ex LNWR 0-8-2T is by Nigel Hunt. Etched body on a scratch 2mm chassis.

  8. Bob

    Bob Western Thunderer

    I'm in complete awe of 2mm modellers. That 0-8-2 is beyond beautiful.:bowdown:

    I still have (unopened) one of the 2mm introductory packs of a mineral wagon and length of track which I bought at Aylesbury one year............too late to start it for the Larkhall challenge but one day...........
  9. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    For those coming along to Expo EM or Railex please note that we now have passenger trains - albeit in best North Somerset Light fashion they are largely bereft of paint........and passengers!



  10. Chris Nevard

    Chris Nevard Western Thunderer

    W o n d e r f u l! Sadly won't be able to see your masterpiece this weekend at ExpoEM, but Railex will provide that opportunity ;)
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  11. bogusman

    bogusman Western Thunderer

    Oops Jerry
    I have only caught up with this thread. I saw your layout at expo and was well impressed. I will certainly have a chat to you at railex if I can get near your layout.

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  12. westernfan

    westernfan Western Thunderer

    I have only just read and viewed the images of this thread . excellent work :bowdown:
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  13. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    Not my work but one of my favourite 2FS layouts - the superb St Ruth (Penzance) filmed at the recent 2mm expo at Wallingford

  14. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    Following a Board meeting the Directors decided that maintaining the locos and coaches in a brass and/or nickel silver livery was simply beyond the means of the NSLR and the decision was therefore taken to paint the stock. To see the results come along to Railwells this weekend where Tucking Mill will be in attendance along with many other fine exhibits in the beautiful city of Wells
    For those who can't make the show I will try to get some pictures up next week.

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  15. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    A couple of snaps taken earlier today before packing up the stock in readiness for setting off on our great northern adventure in the morning - a week in Edinburgh and the north east of England followed by Highbury at Railex Northeast on the 24/25.




    Whilst operating at Wells I returned from a comfort break to find my entire operating team admiring a particularly attractive section of North Cornwall - thankfully Dave Taylor was operating TM at the time.


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  16. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I don't know, you just can't get the staff:))

    Funnily enough, there was a bit of related North Cornwall-ery in the same spot at Railwells last year, and in an Imperial scale too...


    Chris Challis talking to Lesley and Harry on the Saturday afternoon at the 2012 show, brake van and building to its left refer to Maurice's essay:p

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  17. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Simon, at least all the rolling stock pictured is ON the track and not off after some dodgy shunting:))

  18. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    Ah, yes:D .... certain, ahhh.... "events" ... once posted up on Western Thunder, stay long in the collective memory....;) :thumbs:
  19. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    I have of late been pursuing a campaign of finishing stuff I started a long time ago - in some cases up to a decade!! First to benefit is this Midland 4F which is now ready for the paintshop.
    Loco body is from a Mike Raithby etch, the tender a modified, shot down Connoisseur kit. Maxon motor in the tender drives a gear train in the firebox in the normal 2mm fashion.
    Finish that rake of Midland cerestories for the Manchester Diner next..........only started them about three years ago!!
    IMG_0996a.jpg IMG_0999a.jpg

  20. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    I like that a lot Jerry, a lovely piece of work :)
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