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    I often go on about the unethical practice of posting pictures of the real thing & claiming them to be models :rolleyes: In this case it's so tempting to go on about posting pictures of models that are clearly Large Scale (say, 7mm upwards) & claiming them to be a lot smaller.... :D ;)
    That is quite simply awesome, Jerry - as great an advert for 2mm F/S as there ever was. :bowdown:
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  2. john lewsey

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    Stunning Jerry stunning
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  3. queensquare

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    Many thanks for your kind words all. As I said next I want to try and finish, or at least get to the painting stage, the eight coach Manchester Diner (renamed Pines Express after 1927) which I started a couple of years ago. The pictures below were taken some while back and they have progressed a little since then, but not much!

    SDC11767a.jpg SDC11741a.jpg SDC11744a.jpg SDC11777a.jpg

  4. queensquare

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    On my 2mm workbench at the moment are a couple of locos.

    The first is a quicky - a conversion of the new Farish Jinty using new bearings and 2mm Association wheels and a new chimney to replace the rather anaemic Farish offering. The coupling rods are cut and shut from 2mm etches and the drive gear has been bored out to be an interferance fit on a small Association muff. The result of all this shocking bodgery is a very nice running little loco. I've removed the BR lettering with T-cut and replaced it with some old Methfix transfers to represent a loco as built in 1926 - 16548 was a Bath loco later in its life so I plumped for that.
    The wheels need painting, coupling rods finishing, DG couplings, weathering and a coat of varnish.
    If only my blue SDJR Bagnall No.19 had been such a quick job! Rumour has it that Farish are going to do a blue one so I might have to get another!!

    The other is a Q6 from one of Bob Jones superb Fencehouses kits


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    That Q6 is a thing of beauty:bowdown: - from the right area of the country too:thumbs:

    Coat on and door flapping.....
  6. queensquare

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    Thanks Rob, Bob's kits are very good. The Q6 is for a customer so will only have running trials in Wiltshire before heading off to home territory in the North East.

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    It does look superb Jerry ;)
  8. john lewsey

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    They both do ;) be nice to see the coaches up on their wheels ;)
  9. queensquare

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    Thanks John. The coaches are up on their wheels, in fact they are not far off finished as far as building goes. They are currently resting whilst I contemplate the task of painting - and more importantly lining them!!
    I'll try to get some pictures posted of them.

    Meanwhile this evening I got the Jinty just about ready to enter service.


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    Tucking Mill was one of my highlights today at Railex NE. Hopefully these few shots can do it justice.

    Tucking Mill 1 by jongwinnett, on Flickr
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    We are taking Highbury to Warley this weekend for its last national show before retirement and to mark the occasion will be running it c.early 1970s to mark 40 (well 41) since the last coal was wound in Somerset. I have managed to get three new locos added to the roster - a Dapol 22, an 08 from an Association kit and an Austerity tank from some P&D Marsh castings augmented by some new sheet metal bits and a 2FS chassis.
    IMG_0730a.jpg IMG_0578a.jpg

    If you are at the NEC over the weekend, do stop by and say hello.

  18. Ressaldar

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    Great work as always Jerry, best of luck for a good show at the NEC.


  19. Scale7JB

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    Constantly in awe of 2FS, brilliant stuff!

    I'd love to have seen the last outing, but Warley's a little way off for me at the minute..

  20. adrian

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    Stunning work - thanks for posting. I do like that 08, it puts quite a few 7mm models to shame! I'm still trying to comprend the size of those ladders in 2FS.

    I hope you have a good show - pictures next week would be appreciated if not too much of an imposition.
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