4mm Kernow 1361 saddletank to EM

Discussion in 'EM/S4 & S scale' started by Dai88D, 7 August 2019.

  1. Dai88D

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    hi, has anybody converted - or attempted to convert - the Kernow 1361 saddletank to EM. If so, could they give me tips about how to do so, or even warnings not to, and why! I am tempted to buy one, but not if it can’t be converted with ‘average’ skill. Thanks for any info, Dai Davies
  2. PMP

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    Its likely to come in the not the best idea category. The wheel sets are split axle with a gear train through the chassis, thus there are no replacement drop in sets available. The design is of the DJM 'practise' and doesn't lend itself to easy maintenance let alone conversions. The body overall is excellent, with a couple of errors. If there were an etched chassis replacement, that's the route I'd choose. It'd likely be less challenging than a conversion.
  3. Dai88D

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    Many thanks for this. I had come to the same conclusion as you on this. I didn’t open up the loco, just looked at the kit of parts; and then thought there’s more to life than this conversion! Once again, thanks. Dai Davies
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    CSP models do an etched kit for the 1361 Dai (I've got one on my round tuit list) I'm pretty sure they'd sell you a chassis. Years ago I bought one to go underneath my DJH 1366 body.
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    Hi Andrew, thanks for this info ( and for telling me about Western Thunder!) , but I have ‘returned’ the 1361 to its owner. Instead, I shall continue converting my 1366 to EM, and you could well see it on Culm in the future. Cheers, Dai
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    Would be very interested in How, if you have made a start/completed converting the 1366 to EM?

    many thanks and cheers.