7mm Lapford Gate

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    image.jpeg Good morning, I thought I'd share my bodging efforts on my new o gauge micro layout set in North Devon in the 1970s/80s. It's not finished but has made its first public appearance and with bookings coming in,it's spurring me on to keep developing the layout to completion.

    As I say, Its not finished yet, but reflects a long held ambition to build something set in North Devon in an era I remember. Areas needing more work include the scratch built station and the small freight yard. Plus the installation of SR signalling, and a plethora of jobs on rolling stock, with more kits to build, stock to weather.

    I chronicled my bodging on the other forum Lapford Gate North Devon BR Blue O gauge bodging - Page 2 - 7mm+ modelling

    So a few more pics follow,




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