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    The bell push is integral with the token machine but the actual bell isn't. The bell is separate.
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    Paxton is correct, what I should more correctly have said is that the GWR often put the bell inside the cupboard which the key token instrument sat on, and there wouldn't therefore be one on a blockshelf. A lot depended on the amount of electrical apparatus in use in the box.
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  3. LarryG

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    Platform. The stone face was sprayed the same colour as the stone edging slabs while the surface slabs are lighter. The stone face was weathered first. I brush on water with a touch of Fairy liquid in it. The weathering colour, which looks almost black, is made up from black & red acrylic paint diluted with water and Fairy liquid in a bottle. It was brushed along the whole length of the stonework as quickly as possible. Left face upwards to dry, the wet paint or stain runs evenly into the cement courses.

    WEB Platform 0.jpg

    The face of the stonework should be dry after ten minutes or so, but wet in the cement courses. This is the time to wash it out under a tap. Job done. It is a process I developed around 2007. The platform surface awaiting weathering...
    WEB Platform 1.jpg
  4. LarryG

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    Nice sunny day for weathering with pongy enamel and thinners with the windows wide open. Much diluted PPC 'Dirty Black' was brushed over the entire platform surface and then wiped off with kitchen tissues. Becasue of the large area, I did it and got rid of most of the pong before Mary exited the bathroom. The dark area on the edging slabs was done with black weathering powder...
    WEB Platform 2.jpg

    A ewhite line was ruled using a draughtsman pen and then filled in with a No.3 brush...
    WEB Platform 3.jpg

    The dark area inboard of the white line can be seen here....
    WEB Platform 3B.jpg

    You guessed it; I matched my cellulose to the real slabs. The cattle pens will follow and are already in primer...
    WEB Platform 4.jpg
  5. LarryG

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    Cattle pen and platform duly painted and weathered today. The brickwork was sprayed as for the signalbox, masked and the remainder sprayed sandstone as for the face of the passenger platform....

    WEB Cattle pen 12.jpg

    Looking a bit brandnew this morning....
    WEB Cattle pen 12B.jpg

    Suitably weathered, the timberwork has the same stain applied that was used on the stonework of the passenger platform. Brickwork had white pointing initially, but a coat of dirty thinners wiped off reduced the glare. I may well do this to the signal box....
    WEB Cattle pen 12C.jpg

    Closer view. Nothing has been matt-varnished yet....
    WEB Cattle pen 12D.jpg

    I think all the buildings will be completed by November before locking up for the winter. Once track laying begins in 2021, the jigsaw should go together very quickly....
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    Larry take a look here for further info - GWR electric token apparatus
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    Aye-up, we've been here before. Painting a GWR 'typical' station building was covered near the beginning of this thread so I'll skip the rest. The red is cellulose mixed to match Precision Paints light brick red.....

    WEB Station building 1.jpg

    One I dun in 2019...
    WEB Station building 1B.jpg

    Some might question a GWR building on a Cambrian Railways station. I'll have that one covered by the time I start as layout thread...:p
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    The “one you dun in 2019” is sitting on a bookshelf in my lounge, waiting for its opportunity...
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    It’ll look good at Porth Din Lleyn! I‘ll admit I probably have the spelling wrong but I can also do that in Inglish!
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  10. LarryG

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    Messed about all afternoon rubbing white paint into the grooves with a finger then wiping the surface of the bricks which ended up lighter because of the porous wood. I laboriously dry-brushed PPC light red brick paint over the whole buildings to restore the red. It will be matt-varnished in the morning then I'll see what can be done to improve the appearance...
    WEB Station building 1C.jpg
    The sooner it is finished and put on the layout, the sooner I will know whether to keep it or not. I have been toying with the idea of building a low-relief station masters house instead.
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    Spelling is one thing but pronunciation is something else! :cool: I gave up over 50 years ago when a Welshman a suggested I pronounce names as they look in english instead of making an ar$e of myself. I ended up with pigeon Welsh.

    Llanfyllin got me every time (Clan-nuf-clin), which is a big reason why I won't name my layout after this station. Vernwy dam, a tourist attraction near Llanfyllin, is pronounced as it looks......Vernwy, not Fernwy. F is a V while Ff if an F, but V is a V. So my layout might be christened Llyn Vernwy or Vernwy Road.
  12. LarryG

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    I thought it might be worth expanding on how I glazed the model. Sheets of thick glazing were glued with Evostik across the backs of the doors and windows.....
    WEB Station building 2.jpg

    Smaller pieces of glazing to go behind the top windows were placed in position (not glued) before gluing the door to the remainder of the glazing...
    WEB Station building 2B.jpg WEB Station building 2C.jpg
    WEB Station building 3D.jpg

    Windows were dropped in place on the glazng and held with a tiny drop of Loctite at top. The bottom was similarly attached but I also dropped in a pre-painted plank of 40 thou plastikard...
    WEB Station building 2D.jpg

    WEB Station building 2E.jpg

    The vertical corners around the windows were not rounded off leaving it looking more like a 1930's clinic than a pre-grouping GWR building. No guttering either to save space when pressed up against the backscene...
    WEB Station building 2F.jpg
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  13. LarryG

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    Getting there...
    WEB Station building 3B.jpg WEB Station building 3C.jpg

    The canopy has been glued and propped up. It will be left like this overnight, as it is important that the canopy sets at the correct angle...
    WEB Station building 3.jpg
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  14. Hi Larry
    I really enjoy your modeling and the great progress you're making. I don't know anything about the area you're trying to capture, would the signal box have the same or similar colour brick as the station building?
  15. LarryG

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    No. The station building is a GWR replacement for Cambrian buildings, hence the red brick.
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  16. LarryG

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    Finished except for gents privacy screen which is drying....
    WEB Station building 4.jpg WEB Station building 4B.jpg
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  17. LarryG

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    I am building a small goods shed. Yup, I was given this advice some weeks ago! It's a RailModel laser cut structure based on Chudleigh. The real building stood on the station platform. Mine will be ground mounted and so I have had to build it on a 4-brick high base so that the overhanging canopy will clear the loading gauge and the internal platform will be higher. Note the floor joists..... The actual floor will be dropped in after painting. Detailing remains to be done yet...

    WEB small goods shed 1.jpg

    Built with removable roof...
    WEB small goods shed 1B.jpg
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  18. LarryG

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    Morning after and a file makes all the difference once all the glues have hardened...

    WEB Small goods shed 2.jpg

    For those pondering on whether to go for a full-size goods shed or a small lock-up good shed, these photos of comparative sizes might help...
    WEB Small goods shed 2B.jpg

    I won't know which is better until the smaller shed is finished and in position in the yard because it is not just size, but presence and colouring. Being BR cream, it will certainly stand out. But it could be built as a much plainer corrugated shed and be painted dirty black (for BR).
    WEB small goods shed 2C.jpg
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    Hi Larry

    Nice stuff, and glad to see the mojo has returned.

    Having seen the photos of Llanfyllin, which more than justifies buildings of this standing on a rural BLT, I’d plump for the larger shed which fits more with the substantial edifice that is the station building. I rather suspect you like it too ;)

    As you say, it all depends on how the littl‘un looks once completed, but I’d still consider going with the larger affair.