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  1. LarryG

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    In 2018 a friend bought me a Rails/Rapido Dynamometer Car. It's a nice enough model but it was devoid of lining, something the real thing carried right through LNER days until BR got its hand on it. Therefore, the model was inaccurate, a fact that was widely known to railway historians, modellers and others, but not to a certain forum of "experts" who concluded the lining was a trick of the light!

    I avoid any kind of lining out as much as possible nowadays due to migraine or dizziness, but it had been carried out in half an hour. My interest in the few 4mm models I retained for display after changing to 7mm has diminished to zero, so I wanted to return the Dynamometer Car to my friend and add a bit to it to make the model accurate for the post-war 1940's....
    WEB Dynamometer Car 1.jpg WEB Dynamometer Car 3.jpg WEB Dynamometer Car 4.jpg
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  2. Darren Gaffney

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    I have tried Spraywell Dudley in terms of sourcing cellulose colours and the chap there is either very busy, or not even vaguely interested in my enquiry (I was looking to buy a suite of LMS colours and in reasonable quantities I would have thought, so it was a substantial enough order).

    My dilemma is that I don't know the RAL colours so it is difficult to ask elsewhere. I have found an obliging company in Northern Ireland that are competitively priced (and much more straightforward from a shipping or collection perspective) - so to avoid having to send colour matching panels, can anyone here provide RAL colours for the following:

    1) LMS crimson
    2) Midland Railway Red
    3) LMS Freight Grey (2 litres)
    4) LMS Freight Bauxite (2 litres)
    5) LMS Roof Grey

    All help gratefully accepted
  3. LarryG

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    Looks like it was last February since I last built a coach. This LNWR 57' corridor third is on my workbench at the mo. Adrian at Northstar Design has borrowed my LNWR books so please don't ask me the diagram number.... :drool:
    WEB LNWR corr 3rd 1.jpg WEB LNWR corr 3rd 2.jpg
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  4. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Fitted with 9' bulbiron bogies and ready for the sprayshop .....

    WEB LNWR Corr 3rd 3.jpg
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  5. paulc

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    Very nice Larry , finished in spilt milk & plum ? On another forum my tag is LNWR51 so hence the enquiry.
    Cheers Paul
  6. iak63

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    Gorgeous as ever Larry.
  7. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Preparing things for a new coach. The etchings were obtained from either Dave Gillott at 'Coaches & Castings' or Errol Surmann at the old 247 Models some 18 years ago. Most LNWR Cove Roof day coaches were scrapped in the 1940's and early 1950's because they were 40 years old. I had intended building this coach as a non-driving trailer push-pull coach. The only difference externally were the ends, but this will be a normal corridor third. Sawing off a short length of cove roof. I purchased several yards of the extrusion off Wheeltappers' years ago...

    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 1.jpg

    Cast ends came from Errol Surman at 247, but the etchings are mine including the badly tarnished floor ...
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 2.jpg
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  8. LarryG

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    My enthusiasm for old whitemetal castings is nil and already two steps had broken off through being unsupported with a fillet. I lost one drill while slotting the casting for brass steps...

    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 3.jpg

    Next the bufferbeams were removed so that I could tack the ends on top of the brass floor.....
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 4.jpg

    The cove roof was temporaily Evostuck in place so that I could accurately position the sides before soldering them to the floor....
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 5.jpg

    Sides were soldered to the ends with low-melt solder....
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 5B.jpg

    The completed 'box' with solebars, stepboards and brass bufferbeams. Roof plonked in place for photos...
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 6.jpg
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  9. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    LNWR 9' Deepframe bogies castings assembled around my brass top plates, so it's ready for the sprayshop. I'm on a short week due to appointments and so I am glad this mix & match coach is now out of the way.....

    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 6.jpg WEB LNWR Cove roof third 7.jpg
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  10. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    I was still into whitemetal castings in 2002 at the time I made the LNWR bogie patterns and it shows! Bent tie-rods were the curse of cast bogies and so when LMS bogies were produced in 2008, I had separate tie-rods etched on 22thou brass. These were soldered to the LNWR bogies this morning. They are actually flat section, twisted to face end-on to resemble rod, and so are particularly strong....
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 7B.jpg
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  11. Dave Holt

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    Does look a lot better, Larry.
  12. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    My LNWR reference books have been out on loan for much of this year and so this LNWR D264 cove roof corridor third project has ground to a halt until I learn of a post-1933 running number.
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  13. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Sorted at last so photos were taken as dusk fell....
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 8.jpg

    The coach was sprayed LMS lake, which many retained into BR days without ever being repainted. All BR did was add an 'M' prefix to the number. After 1952 a suffix was added...
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 9.jpg

    A comparison of early and late LNWR panelling, roofs and bogies. The nearer coach represents an early BR repaint. In fact it shows the difference between the crimson lake I obtained from Derby Works in the early 1970's and Halfords Rover Damask Red, a colour popularly used by modellers wanting LMS crimson lake! This photo was taken using flash....
    WEB LNWR Cove roof third 10.jpg
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  14. john lewsey

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    Very nice Larry