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  1. Muddysblues

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    Hi Larry, I am “cough cough” Bi-Gauge at the moment 4mm & 7mm ha ha.

    Yes we had a lovely meet up yesterday, there was plenty of noise, Oil Burners thrashing and kettles hissing.

    Best regards
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  2. LarryG

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    Boredom relief......Adding Big Four wagons to the fleet to accurately convey the scene in mid to late 1950's.....
    WEB Wagon 46.jpg

    Opened the LMS box first. Ignoring the instructions about the 'T' strapping, I cut them off level with the bottom of the sides and glued them underneath. When set, they were filed to shape.....
    WEB Wagon 47.jpg

    Construction completed....
    WEB Wagon 48.jpg

    Too dark to spray so I raided PhilH's spares box and added a brake lever to a Dapol wagon. No brakes on one side is okay, but no lever either? Suppose I was pinning down brakes before descending into Man Vic and several wagons came along with no brake levers on my side....? Ugh...
    WEB Wagon 49.jpg
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  3. LarryG

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    The GWR Vac-fitted 10' w.b ventilated van was done last night and built as a Dia. V23 with vacuum brakes. A neat touch are the door catches in upgraded kits...
    WEB Wagon 51B.jpg

    Photographed this morning before entering the sprayshop. The axleboxes freely slide up and down the W-irons, but they have yet to be tested on the layout....
    WEB Wagon 52.jpg
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  4. LarryG

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    The LMS D1832 van is now in BR matt grey and the chassis and roof are matt black with a light spray over in road dust. Weathering, a smelly job that requires window open, will be done tomorrow by which time I hope to have found a colour photo to determine the amount of body weathering...
    WEB Wagon 53.jpg
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  5. simond

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    Why is it smelly? Are we talking lots of thinners & spraying?

    I’m trying to find my way into acrylics specifically to avoid that issue, but I’m much more comfortable with turps sub and Humbrol...

  6. LarryG

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    White spirit and enamels in a tin lid when brush weathering. Acrylics behave totally differently and are unsuited to my purpose.
  7. simond

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    Thanks Larry,

    I wouldn’t claim to achieve your results but we start in the same place.

    I’m trying to change my spots...

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  8. LarryG

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    Thinned enamel can be worked with a brush for hours and wiped off again, but acrylics cure or something and once dry, their make up cannot be reversed. Initially I used acrylics when weathering sandstone then I had to use an abrasive like Duraglit afterwards. Matt enamels and white spirit made the whole job far more controllable and I never looked back. I mustn't leave out the wonderful weathering powders, which to me have revolutionized weathering. We are probably all after the same end result whatever we use Simon.
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  9. simond

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    Yes, they definitely demand a different technique. I’ve puddled enamels for ages to get the look I’m trying to achieve, and translucency, darker corners & crevices, etc, are all do-able as you note. I’m not too bothered about using the thinners and a brush indoors, but I like to air-brush too, and that’s a non-starter using enamels in the house. It stinks.

    I’m going to persevere with the acrylics, I’ve seen some exquisite models painted with them, so I guess it’s just a case of learning.

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  10. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    In sixteen BR steam-era colour-photo railway albums, I only found one grey goods van and only half of it at that. If colour photos are anything to go by, then unfitted covered goods wagons were slim on the ground from the later 1950's onwards. In fact the preponderance of "bauxite" in the make up of goods van trains was quite marked in contrast to open goods wagon and mineral wagon trains....
    WEB WAgon 54.jpg
    WEB Wagon 55.jpg
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  11. GrahameH

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    Loving your weathering Larry, very convincing.

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  12. LarryG

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    Thank you Graham.

    The four main issues are:

    Colour photos that clearly show us how things were.
    The need to discover how to replicate what we are seeing.
    Using diluted modelling enamels means the lot can be wash off if need be.
    The guts to attack a brand new wagon! :D

    Whether brushing on a wash of grey-ish brown enamel or applying weathering powders, all the wiping off is from top to bottom. This leaves run-off from nuts, bolts and rivets and residue beneath raised strapping etc. Road dust and smoke hits the ends and projections on the sides where, despite rain, it gradually gets a hold.
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  13. Focalplane

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    Even more guts are required to attack a brand new locomotive!
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  14. GrahameH

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    Totally agree Larry, I have done something similar in 4mm but now I'm modelling in 7mm I think it requires more observation to be correct and taking the "leap" towards the paint tins with slightly more positivity.

    I have used all types of media to attempt something realistic and I have been happy to use acrylics generally the Vallejo and MIG ranges, however, I am now leaning more toward enamels again as there is more time in which to play with them prior to drying, or even when dry.

    I keep looking at my out of the box Minerva Iron Mink with a hovering brush !

    Also agree with you too about that Paul....humph !

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  15. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Chris Klein's Iron Mink weathering is worth a looksee...
    Chris Klein's 7mm Scale Locomotives

    Sun rise reflected in the window. A patch of cleaner paintwork on the van side is just visible where a poster was removed..... :)
    WEB Wagon 56.jpg
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  16. GrahameH

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    Yes Larry, I've seen Chris's weather of his Minks and they are rather nice.

    I purchased one from him when they first appeared, mine won't be quite as "extremely" weathered but its crying out for an "in use" touch.
  17. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Completed Parkside GWR Dia. V23 fitted van. Photographed using flash at dusk. Transfers are HMRS 'Methfix'. This is on trial with an non-compensated chassis (axleboxes glued to the W-irons)
    WEB Wagon 57B.jpg
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  18. Hi

    I spray enamels in the house using one of these.

    BenchVent BV300S-D Airbrush Spray Booth | Graphic Air

    Absolutely no smell whatsoever when using it and I have a tumble dryer type vent through the wall to connect it to.

    Other suppliers are available.


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  19. simond

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    Thanks Paul,

    I think MrsD might grumble at the hole in the wall, the modelling bench is in the lounge...

    And it’s too damn cold in the garage, so there would be condensation and all sorts of nonsense to contend with, in discomfort.

    Thanks anyway
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  20. P A D

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    My brother has one which we use in the bedroom (railway room). It comes with a hose which is run out of the window so you don't need to punch a hole in the wall.

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