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    When it comes to slates, no doubt individuals have found methods that suit themselves. With laser cut paper slates, I run them through a saucer of water both sides just to wet them, then I brush neat PVA from a tin onto the roof and lay the strip of slates followed by a rub down with the index finger. Some papers wrinkle while others don't, but the above method usually ensures the slates shrink on drying out. I let two sides of the roof thoroughly dry out before trimming and starting on the ends of the roof.
    WEB Rhos 34.jpg

    I cut strips of 60thou plastikard and rounded off the top edge before gluing strips to form the raised centre of ridge tiles. 4mm scale Slaters embossed paving was cut into strips and glued each side of the ridge with Evostik Impact.....
    WEB Rhos 37.jpg

    The Gents lavatory door will be left open as will the the ticket office door and so the door frames were glued in place. Note the end guttering 'falls' to the rear of the building. Everything is now ready for spraying....
    WEB Rhos 36.jpg
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    It looks so darn good in its wooden state that I am reluctant to paint it! I'm sure some GWR building were in yellowish-orange brick ha ha...

    As 7mm buildings go, this is quite a slim low height one and is ideal for the space starved GWR modeller. Rail Model's are the best as far as I can see because they are based on prototypes.
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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Larry, Rhostyllen was commissioned by my friend Peter Prydderch because this was his local station where he grew up.
    I built and painted it for him to go on his small branch line. Because the station had only one siding Peter has added a loop to run around and added a couple more sidings to add intrest. I painted the buildings from photos but as they are all in black and white we have guessed at the colours. It is not very easy to photograph because of the canopy overhangs quite a lot.
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    Hi Larry, Have you fed any of your observations/comments back to the supplier? I know them quite well and I'm sure they would be pleased to have some feedback.
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    I for one am very glad Mr.Prydderch commissioned this building. The paintwork is neat and I assume the London Midland Region colours are a case of 'Rule 1' instead of GWR colours (the real station lost its passengers in January 1931). I am glad to see the photos because I have yet to paint mine. I also like the embellishments atop the posts of the Gents privacy screen. Food for thought. The platform face also looks to be laser cut...?

    I have been in contact with Andy at Rail Model and he has seen a photo of my building.
  6. Peter Prydderch

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    It's as it's likely to have been in the Fifties had it still been in use under BR(LMR) Chester Div'n. Mike Osborne could have painted it sky blue pink with yellow spots,and I'd have still been pleased with his modelling ability. It's a lovely model.
    The Ford Thames Trader six-wheeler (in the background of the second picture) consists of two four wheel tipper kits (Radley Models) knocked into one. Whilst a non-standard Ford production vehicle, my chum's dad had six of them. This was in the era when licences had to be obtained for out-of area work, with contracts to provide the need. 'Can't remember who made the transfers for the cabs - I've two. They went all over the place carrying refractory bricks from the two specialist brickworks in the Wrexham area.
    The casting load is two of the holders that replaceable razor blades are mounted in, glued together back-to-back, with Slater 3mm lettering standing proud, spelling out Rhostyllen Foundry. Well mine hasn't had the lettering applied, but Mike's has. 'bit like the cobbler's children with holes intheir shoes, I suppose. I'll letter mine sometime.
    Very best wishes,
    Peter Prydderch
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    This style of GWR architecture seemed to appear in the late 1890's. Built in red brick, differences were rounded corners, non-rounded corners, blue-brick base, corners, door and window surrounds.

    One has to be wary of early photographs showing what appears to be light brick corners and window surrounds etc. They might be mistaken for cream or yellow bricks. In fact they are dark blue engineering bricks! Most film emulsions were non-panchromatic for years and were very sensitive to blue. The result was anything in the blue spectrum was rendered pale. Burned out skies were typical.

    They were not sensitive to red, hence what appeared to be black bufferbeams.

    Just thought I would pass on my researches. A photo of Stocks Lane Crossing Signal Box taken soon after opening in December 1899 depicts it with light colour corner bricks and window surrounds. More recent photos show the bricks were in fact dark blue. The box was renamed Newland East in 1929.
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    I bought a second one of these kits, this time minus a canopy. It will be built as a shorter version and Andy very kindly did me a 'deal'. Seeing as construction of this particular kit has been covered on this thread, I have posted the shortened version on my layout thread...

    WEB Small waiting room 15.jpg
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    I seem to be spreading my work around different threads, which was definitely not my original intention, as it takes me a while to find old threads now! Anyway, it seems sensible to update this one now that the above building is fully painted and fitted out...

    I departed from the instructions and fitted 1mm thick glazing across the inside walls of the building to act as support for doors and windows. I was a door short for some reason and so made one from Plastikard....
    WEB lasercut 14.jpg

    A peice of 0.5mm glazing was laid onto the 'backing' glazing but not glued....
    WEB lasercut 15.jpg

    .....then the door was placed in position of over it and tacked in place with Loctite....
    WEB lasercut 16.jpg

    Window frames followed by pressing them firmly against the backing glazing and lightly tacking them in place with Loctite....
    WEB Lasercut 17.jpg

    The base of the window frames has a block of wood in front of it, which I made roughly 1mm x 1mm from Plastikard. A touch of Loctite held this and the base of the frame in place...
    WEB lasercut  20.jpg
    WEB lasercut 21.jpg

    Waiting shelter at Carrog....
    WEB lasercut 21B.jpg

    The left-hand door is the Down booking office and general waiting room. The RH door is the ladies waiting room and toilet, with gents at the extreme end....
    WEB lasercut 18.jpg

    I put vented frames in the urinals and frosted glazed panes in the Gents and Ladies toilet compartments...
    WEB lasercut 19.jpg
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    Very very nice work on those laser cut kits Larry...I`ll be pinching some of your ideas when it comes to building/ painting mine on my next project.


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  11. LarryG

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    Research showed my signalbox should be the earlier kind with hip roof, so I made a few cuts with a new knife blade....

    WEB Signalbox roof 1.jpg

    Spare wood from previous laser cut kits was used to make the new roof ends...
    WEB signalbox roof 2.jpg

    Photos of Buckfastleigh box showed the cantrail was much shallower on boxes with hip roofs....
    WEB Signalbox roof 3.jpg

    So 4mm was removed from the top of the sides and the roof trussing altered so that it fitted between the sides. New slates in place. The gutter board support brackets were fun to make (not)......
    WEB Signalbox roof 5.jpg
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    I admire the way you get straight into it. I’d be more hesitant myself, especially as you had that box looking good.
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    I was almost on the point of buying another kit, but space it dead tight between the track and the backscene, so I just had to get stuck in.
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    I'd have been happy to have sold you one! :)
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  15. LarryG

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    Finished except for interior and roof fittings.... (and touching up of cream below guttering!) .....

    WEB Signalbox 42.jpg WEB Signalbox 43.jpg
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