Last Saturday's Newton Aycliffe Model Railway Show

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Rob Pulham, 11 March 2019.

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    Hi all,

    You may think it a bit odd that I am posting about a show that happened last Saturday but I wanted to share a really nice and worthwhile experience.

    After seeing us at another show last year Chris and I were asked if we would go along and demo in support of the Newton Aycliffe Model Railway Show. Unlike most shows this one is organised by The Newton Aycliffe Rotary Club specifically to raise funds for Children's charities.

    It was a very busy mixed gauge show with layouts from 'N' right through to Gauge 1 and it was really well attended.

    On the day they managed to raise more than £2,000 for the two chosen charities which was in itself excellent but what made it even better for Chris and I was the people who attended.

    At all other shows that we have attended there is always at least one who is rude or unpleasant in some other way and there are usually unruly children whose parents either won't or can't stop them touching anything in sight irrespective of don't touch or other signs asking them not to. I even heard one person saying to and exhibitor at one show that if he didn't want them touched they shouldn't bring them....

    Not so at this show, all the children were well behaved and the parents and other visitors were really nice to chat to and polite to the point of embarrassment. - I was waiting to get a coffee and a chap that had been waiting some time to be served, insisted that as an exhibitor I was served first, despite being behind him in the queue.

    We have been asked if we will go back next year and we will be delighted to give up a day in such a good cause.