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Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Simon, 3 April 2010.

  1. chrisb

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    And there's this:

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  2. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    No trains running, but here are two shots of the garden line in the current weather, the first one was taken late-ish on Thursday afternoon, the second one this morning. If anything it has got whiter since this picture but I don't know what tomorrow will bring. Given that there won't be much point in opening the shop if its still a white out I may attempt "ploughing" the line and running a train, then again I might not!

    DSCN0189.jpg DSCN0196.jpg

    I think the card school has long since retired to the "Shunters Arms":eek:


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  3. Captain Kernow

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    But Simon, what about the loyal customer who has trudged, hiked and skied forty miles through atrocious conditions, blizzards and a lack of KFC, only to arrive at your Emporium, hoping to purchase the latest MRJ and read something interesting from Bob Essery about model railway operation, only to find it closed?
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  4. Steve Cook

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    Anybody prepared to go to that much effort could probably use a phone ;)
  5. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Well, he's just been in and bought three books, visiting from Vermont and currently on his way up to Edinburgh:eek:

    Can I go now?

    I'll stick around until lunchtime I think, but after that.....

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  6. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Well I did, but the light was a bit pants and snow was going slushy, so here we are. As you can see I have really mastered the art of getting sensible sized images out of the wretched "photos" on the Mac:mad:

    DSCN0220.jpg DSCN0223.jpg DSCN0225.jpg
    DSCN0232.jpg DSCN0238.jpg

    Getting the mail through I thought, then aping the cover of MRJ 235 and finally giving the newly dirtied bogie bolsters a spin.

  7. Wagonman

    Wagonman Western Thunderer

    We were open all week – for a handful of sales, mostly via phone or email. One problem was that the couriers couldn't get to us to pick up the larger orders. Our railway was working though...

  8. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Last weekend some garden tidying took place. Most notably the boy Harry (considerably grown since this thread started) was up in the Horse Chestnut tree thinning out some of the branches.


    We have also run wires along the boundary behind the sheds and through the new hedge to help it grow into a useful shape. The tree clearing is in order to get more light and air in to this hedge and back of the sheds area.

    Next Monday is a Dave day, so hopefully some trains will be seen soon.

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  9. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Earthworks out on the line today, small engineer's train spotted in the vicinity.

    DSCN0472 (1).jpg
  10. Lightman

    Lightman Active Member

    They say that as you get older, you model bigger and bigger scales! I model 'O' at the moment, and help with the 'OO' at our club (get out the magnifier!). If only I had the space and the money it would be G1 for me. Nice photos. Can't wait to see how the layout progresses. Cheers, Earl
  11. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    And first on track testing of "Druid" last night.

    Another Fred Phipps kit, being masterfully built by Andrew Vines. Shows some new landscaping of the line too.

    DSCN0537.jpg DSCN0532.jpg

    This is running beautifully on an ABC gearbox with delrin drive to second axle, and will be finished in Maroon with Full yellow ends.

    To be chipped and with sound, it is going to be utterly dreadful!

  12. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Looks rather desert sand as it is. The eventual MFYE gets a thumbs up.
  13. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    After two and a half weeks the grass seed has done its stuff, the netting is off and grass cutting is being considered.

    The growth is amazing, sort of a green Serengeti, not quite the North Cornwall route:confused:


    I'm sure it will look better after a trim...

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  14. Lightman

    Lightman Active Member

    Safari so goody! Maybe you could train the grass to grow above the track and make a long tunnel! No realy, the railway is great. Wish I had the land to do it as well. Cheers, Earl (Lightman)
  15. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Well the new grass is suffering in the heat, I wonder whether it will all survive actually. But in the meantime after testing Andrew's sound fitted Warship, which is now in primer and looks and sounds absolutely dreadful, we ran a rather longer than usual passenger train.

    DSCN8617.jpg DSCN8622.jpg

    And into the night...


    11.40pm off Launceston Road..

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  16. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

    When are you going to finish off the DMU mate.
  17. Mr Tiger Viking

    Mr Tiger Viking Western Thunderer

    Hi Simon, I love it when its hard to distinguish between model and the real railway, your 11.40 pm off Launceston Road image certainly falls into that category, the interior lighting looks so right and the way it illuminates the track creates a real authentic atmosphere - terrific image.
  18. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Not a lot doing down yur, but Andrew's "Druid" progresses and is now running superbly and noisily with its CVs tweaked, and sports yellow ends.


    Seen earlier this evening on the teatime stopper to Okehampton, deputising for the usual D6319.

  19. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    A few trains were seen running over the weekend...

    Diverted off the main line...

    Moved to Scotland perhaps?

    The up APE behind "Bideford". (Atlantic Packet Express, Falmouth to Waterloo)

    Andrew Vines has posted some great videos he took over the weekend on his "Big Trains Best" channel on Youtube, here is one of them. Follow the links for more - just amazing, thank you very much Andrew.

    Thank you to all participants, the most memorable day(s) on the line so far...

    The yard was mostly connected and put into in use for the first time too, which adds a whole new dimension to proceedings.

    DSCN8915 (1).jpg

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  20. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    Tiger looks superb as does your line Simon .