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  1. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Over the last week Ive managed to finish cutting and fixing all the road surfaces and building bases for the right hand section of the layout. It's very satisfying to have strong and stable supports for the buildings rather than the wobbly piles of offcuts that were pressed into service. Here's my version of Fetter Lane in lovely raw mdf.

    yk 160.jpg
    The coal drops now have a good area of hardstanding in front of them.

    yk 161.jpg

    Looking across the yard to the engineering works the gentle slop of the road can be made out. It's also obvious that I need to do extra work to match the base of the buildings to the slope of the road. The three main structures here were built for a flat site being recycled from my fifteen minutes of fame on the GBMRC on the telly.

    yk 162.jpg

    Turning left the Taxi office is now in place, a pair of Hornby gates mark where the level crossing will be. Both the cardboard cabin and the gates will be replaced by better models over time.

    yk 163.jpg
  2. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    A few photos today while I wait for the phone call from the garage to tell me how the car has fared with its MOT. First up my second K1 which has been at a mates house since March when I inadvertently picked his one up rather than mine after a running session. Thanks to a good friend it made it back just before our new Welsh mini lockdown.

    yk 165.jpg

    The next ones are of my Q6. Judging by the comments over at the other place Hornby knocked out quite a large batch of these with duff motors. The bad news is that Hornby didn't (don't?) do spares, the good news is that a fellow at the other place found a source of similar motors on e-bay for less than a tenner. There's a bit of faffing to do to mod the motor which required me to be braver than normal, but once I'd plucked up courage and set my stall out it took about an hour of steady, careful work to fix. I spent the last week applying the weathering in easy stages. Here's the finished beastie dragging coal ...

    yk 170.jpg
    ... and heading home with a suspiciously clean brake van.

    yk 171.jpg
    If you squint a bit you can see the lineage back to the S&D (proper one) long boiler 0-6-0.
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  3. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Over the last week I've been building the control panel. At the weekend I finished connecting up all the section switches so the jury rigged wiring which I had in place while I did initial testing has gone.

    yk 185.jpg

    Yesterday I took several boxes of trains out to the garage for a bit of a play. It turned out to be a useful thing to do as I found a fault with one of the points, the key one where the line splits into up and down tracks as it exits the fiddle yard. The microswitch was stopping the point throwing fully over. A couple of minutes work to reposition the microswitch and all was well.

    You might have thought from the earlier photos of trains on the layout that these sort of snags would have been picked up earlier. However the only full line testing had until yesterday been done with a particularly forgiving tank engine. Getting a good selection of stuff out and being able to easily send it all over the layout meant that a proper test under the sorts of conditions it will be used in could be done for the first time. Obviously I couldn't resist taking a few snaps.

    yk 177.jpg

    yk 180.jpg

    yk 179.jpg

    yk 181.jpg
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  4. Hi Neil,
    you may have mentioned this before, what plans do you have for the areas below track level, are you going to in fill ?
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  5. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Hello Chris. Yes I'll be filling in the bits between the trackbed. Some will be with scraps of timber as you should be able to see in some of the photos so far. This is the best option for roads and other areas of hardstanding but where I want grass, soil and scrub I'll probably use my 'sticky balls' technique.