Llangunllo, the final chapters

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    Hi Geoff,

    I fear that those larger wheels aren't meant to be mounted on posts in that manner. They are intended for direction change of the signal wire (as someone else mentioned, above). As such, they should be flat on the floor, mounted on their steel plate for stability.
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    That's how I originally had them Tim, but never mind I have a cunning plan, but that will have to wait until we return from Valletta.

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    Progress on the layout and other modelling projects has been very slow since my last update. Yet another holiday saw to that, and then the Hornby Toad conversion dragged on due the 24.5 mm axles that I ordered from the EMGS stores being lost in the post. To make things worse I had ordered the last 10, thankfully Alan Gibson produces the same axle with wheels mounted to '00' gauge standards to special order, leaving me with the simple task of re gauging them.

    Toad Mods (800x588).jpg

    A fair amount of material had to be removed from the rear of the axle guards, and the brake shoes before the wheels would revolve freely. Which was rather easy to do once the brake moulding had been removed. I think it will be possible for P4 modellers to drill the axle boxes a tad deeper for 26.5 mm axles, though I can't see how even a basic form of compensation, or springing could be added. Were I modelling to P4 standards then I think I would use a Morgan Design chassis, even though its meant for an AA13 van.

    WN4560 (650x486).jpg

    Read all about the Morgan Design etch here, Toady Tuesday
    They can be bought from the Scalefour Society E-Shop | Scalefour Stores | Scalefour Society should you want one, no need to be a member.

    P1150438 (800x447).jpg

    With the EM conversion completed I made a few changes to the body, the original chimney was far to chunky to my eye. So I replaced it with a length of brass tubing, the moulded lamp irons on the van sides being replaced with Frogmore etches at the same time. I retained the 'Not in Common Use' lettering but removed the original numbering, and fitted blank data panels.

    P1150444 (800x348).jpg

    The Hornby model is a vast improvement on the old Airfix Toad which first saw light of day way back in the 70's. Looking for a suitable AA15 to model I came across W68538, which at some point was based at Ludlow. Whether she ever reached Kington or Presteign I wouldn't know, so until I come across a Hereford, or Leominster van I'll make do. Not all toads displayed their home yard names, I don't ever recall seeing one lettered in that manner myself, and a check through my old Bradford Barton albums showed unnamed vans to be far more common. The weathering is a mix of Humbrol track colour, and light / dark earth, with a touch of black thrown into the mix, followed by a bit of dry brushing using various shades of the same mix. I'm still using enamels as I can't seem to get on with acrylics, finally a touch of light rust weathering powder was added around the springs, and brake shoes.

    P1150447 (800x419).jpg
    Due to a rather extensive wagon building session I need to assemble another batch of couplings, then once the new 'toad' is equipped old faithful will be retired. On a different note my previously mentioned cunning plan for signal wire wheels is working out well, but more of that another time.

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    Hi Geoff,

    Not that it bothers me unduly, (having converted a fair few RTR wagons to P4 over the years and somehow forgotten, overlooked or blatantly ignored the advice to compensate'spring them, with no detrimental results), but do you think that there is room in there for an internal bearing rocking compensation unit (ie. where the pin point axles have been removed flush with the wheel faces)?

    Van looks great, by the way. I may do the same as you re lettering etc. in OO, for 'Bethesda Sidings.
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    Hello Geoff,

    Regarding signal pulley wheels, rollers & etc. maybe this photo will help. It was taken on the WSR at Minehead and shows a wheel in the foreground, where the wire direction changes, and a much smaller roller on a post in the background. In fact, there two – one has its 'back' to the viewer.


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    Thank you Tim,
    I reckon an MJT internal rocking unit would fit at the expense of the brake gear, the latter being cut into sections and reassembled around it. The chassis ribs and coupling mounts would also have to be removed to provide a flat surface for the mounts.

    Thank you David, that's a very useful photo, and much appreciated.

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    Thanks Geoff.

    Perhaps the brake gear could be attached to the internal rocking unit.
  8. Geoff

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    Looking at the underside of the model again Tim, I think the brake hangers and shoes might be able to fit in their original mounting holes if they are cut into 4 pieces. Was it Martin Goodall who surprised the P4 fraternity with the running qualities of his uncompensated Ratio 12T vans? The fact that you've built uncompensated wagons in P4 without problems speaks volumes for the quality of your track.work.

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    That's very kind of you, Geoff, but I do sometimes wonder if the need for compensation or springing in rolling stock is more to do with the way the stock runs along the track (replicating the real thing), as opposed to staying on the track. Some say that they can see the difference a sprung vehicle makes in 4mm scale, whereas to be perfectly honest, I have always struggled to see the difference between a sprung and unsprung wagon running.
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    There is something in that, I think. I have noticed that sprung wagons tend to roll better than most unsprung vehicles, but that seldom matters to me and isn't always desirable. It isn't as though short wheelbase, four-wheeled vehicles rode all that well in any event. Being a simple soul, if the wagon stays on, I'm happy.

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    Can't say I've noticed any difference between my rigid, and compensated rolling stock to be honest. Mind you with only two points to worry about, and curves of around 6 ft radius its little wonder :) I think Adam makes a valid point about the riding qualities of short wheelbase, four wheeled vehicles.
    I'm also a simple soul and if I suffer no derailments, and my stock passes through crossings smoothly then I too am happy. :)

    However when it comes to etched loco chassis I feel that a simple form of compensation aids current collection, especially on small 0-4-2 / 0-6-0 tank engines.

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    Is the signalbox switched out, Geoff, or is a train expected? If the box isn't provided with a switch, then the signalman must indeed on duty and a train is expected, unless the S&T are still there from the night before and the equipment is being tested. Alternatively, the signalmen there might have been unwittingly caught by the unexpected photographer indulging in some bending of the Rules and Regulations, the box in advance having given a 'Line Clear' the night before, to save that signalman coming in quite so early, all very irregular indeed.

    But what time is it on a Sunday morning? Obviously the young girl is up and about, but what is she doing at the station? Is her father the stationmaster, or has he (from the comfort of his armchair at home) sent her up to retrieve something he forgot from his office yesterday afternoon?

    Indeed, is there actually a Sunday passenger service on the line, and if so, does it perhaps not start just yet?
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    I think such a practice was used on the Calander & Oban line to allow the passage of one overnight train to avoid the need to provide a night shift to cover that one movement. I remember the stationmaster at Dalmally telling me about it and I think it was still going on in BR days. Signals were pulled off and tablets left out. The train crew picked up/dropped off tablets as they progressed and the morning shift restored tablets and instruments when they came in.

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    Is the signalbox switched out, Geoff, or is a train expected?

    P1150456 (800x546).jpg

    Something must be afoot Tim seeing as Elwyn is on duty, albeit reading a Sunday scandal sheet, or doing 'spot the dog', the Welsh equivalent to 'spot the ball'' :)

    But what time is it on a Sunday morning? Obviously the young girl is up and about, but what is she doing at the station? Is her father the stationmaster, or has he (from the comfort of his armchair at home) sent her up to retrieve something he forgot from his office yesterday afternoon?

    P1150459 (800x528).jpg

    Gwen is the daughter of the Rev Eli Jenkins, that's his car in the station yard. No doubt she's dropped into see her fiancee leading porter Mog Edwards before heading off for morning service. The church can be seen in the distance, and no doubt the bells are summoning the faithful. The Kington station master was responsible for both Presteign, and Llangunllo, can't see him turning up on a Sunday though.

    Rumour has it that a ramblers special is passing through later, the only other service booked today being the evening milk.

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    Thanks Jim, that's very interesting

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