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    I am trying to draw up the coach ends for a 69 foot sleeper to D1926. What I can't find is the profile dimensions despite having the Jenkinson bibles on LMS coaching stock. Does anyone have them to hand please as all I can find is the BR MK1 details
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    This might assist. 9' 2ΒΌ" at waist....
    WEB LMS Stanier sleeper end profile.jpg
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    Thanks Phil, Damn gone and bought his other tomes :rolleyes:

    LMS Coaches an illustrated history
    Historic Carriage Drawings Volume Two

    The nearest I can get is a random arrow saying 3'4" and possibly 8'. I have most of the coach into QCAD in 7mm now and once completed and checked by a knowledgeable friend I hope to get it off to the etchers

    I was well impressed with the Sidelines 12w dining car that I have, it looks the business on it's monster bogies. The first class sleeper is a simpler design than the dining car and not available so I thought I would give it a go. A rake of 3 or 4 of those will go well on the back of my other coaches
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    Thanks Larry I will give that a go full scale and play around with the 3'4" & 8' that I found and see whether I can get something to resemble that

    Enjoying reading your threads on the history of the coaches :thumbs:
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    That 4mm scale drawings book is on the way so the should be able to get on with the CAD next week

    It's interesting to compare the build methods of the Comet 4mm coaches alongside the Sidelines 7mm. I won't start any accusations of plagiarism, but they do look vaguely similar. So my take on the 1st Class Sleeper design will have some credibility if I can get things to fit