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    I spent this morning looking at a bigger laser :D
    When i got back I did the CAD for another basic shell, this will have wood cladding, similar to the signalbox i did in the summer. I find this method works well giving a stable base to apply wither card or wood planking, a little internal depth is sacrificed but once the roof is on it is invisible. you can also see the internal framework which is more there because i can do it in a minute rather than it being visible ;)

    Station, 'box and shed

    Internal bracing and the joists which are part of the sub floor, again this saves time cutting separate pieces and guarantees that the ramp is square and level. I have used this method on models for a barn conversion and it worked very well simplifying the construction process.
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    Are you thinking of making any of these available as kits ? ......or is it just for your own amusement ?:)
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    Possibly. the machine i have is fine for doing small commission projects or one off jobs, but it is not quick enough to make proper money on kits. Having said that if something is on file then I am happy to make a kit of parts and everything i design is done as if it is a kit, and if i get a bigger machine then there is the possibility.
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    I havent got the light tent operational yet but I have cleared an area :) the lighting is improving already although i dont think the proper photographers will be sweating yet :))
    First up shows the engraving on the interior of the box to represent the match boarding the exterior will be clad with the overlapping boards

    I laser some strip of card for the skirting and dado rail and you can see the guide lines on the wall


    Finally, if I had to sum up the difference between 7mm and 1/32 it would be this shot. For big brother the interior and in particular the levers needed a scratchbuild (hence boarded windows!) , in 7mm I picked up a springside set for £20 off ebay, it just makes the whole process much quicker.

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    There is an art to painting mdf brickwork, I go with grey primer (halfords) then vallejo acrylics for the bricks, followed by matt varnish, pollyfilla mortar, and dry brushing. I would imagine that you could also use enamel for the mortar if you wished.
    Terraced houses are on the cards, Dikitriki is looking at some for Heyside, but they may not be suitable for your area, I do have some drawings for North London terraces as well.
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    Thanks for that I've been thinking about a three storey terrace of four houses I've made a rough mock up and been to Graham's and put it on the layout and we both think it would be a good structure .The idea being that on part of the layout people would have to look over the building to see the trains passing.
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    Jumping to something else :D
    I spent a little time looking at shots of D1000, I will may need to do a little filling on the buffer beam, as you can see in this shot some of the pipes ( technical term!) were not fitted at this early stage although they were fitted when the panel was added, and I read somewhere a small extra grill was on the bodywork but I cant see it

    D1000 Western Enterprise by westernclass52, on Flickr

    Im quite partial to this shot but it is a little later than I want and the pipes are now fitted.
    D1000_SwindonWks_6-9-64 by robertcwp, on Flickr

    I need to find a reference shot of D1000 in original condition but with some muck on it :)
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    There are several photos of D1000 in Desert Sand livery in, amongst others, Western Dawn and Diesels in Depth - Westerns. I assume that you have copies. If not, I'll scan and send the relevant pics.

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    Western Dawn was a good call, I had forgotten about it ;) there are come good cab shota and a nice overhead shot at Ranleigh bridge
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    Back on the other bench something that might interest Steph, I cut some photo paper for the window frame. this is more scale like than the 1mm mdf frames in the shot, i just need to find a way of glueing it in place.....

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    Cynric, have you thought of cutting the windows from white sticky back paper? Could solve both scale and your glueing problem?
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    I have some self adhesive paper on order :thumbs:

    I needed to check the sand this morning, i know colour means nothing once images have been compressed etc but im pretty happy with my standard Tamiya Afrika Korps mix and to complete the look the console has had a shot of Panzer interior grey :)

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    the Palm Tree logo shouldl go down a storm on the sides:))


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    Maybe Rommel driving?
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    Hmmm the 'Afrika Hydraulic Corps'. Think they sound like a desert ops arm of the Blue Brigade, I must tell Ze Colonel. Better than the 'Desert Plumbers' I suppose :p
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    The Panzer IV did have a Maybach engine, so it all seems quite appropriate :)

    with it being a dry morning I flashed a bit of primer on this

    and a second revision of the shed with integral support for the canopy. all this core will be clad with shiplap, valancing etc, but as I said I like to start with a solid structure that is all square

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    Arse :rant:
    Western grills - look at the far end grill next to the door
    D1000 Western Enterprise by westernclass52, on Flickr

    and look at this one
    class 52 Western Sentinel at Swindon Works March 77 by Karel1999, on Flickr

    Spot the difference? guess which the kit has :headbang:

    Doing a spot check D1009 in '62 was the same as D1000 as was D1002 in 62
    D1028 however was fitted with the 'kit grill' in '64. it seems that the hinged grill was a retro fit, could Ian or anybody else shed any light on this?
  18. 28ten

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    Digging a bit deeper using D1003 Western collection from Adrian Curtis it would appear that the hinged door was a later mod, in the case of 1003 a works visit in January 1964 lists fitting of hinged type access door. It would appear from photos that D1000 was fitted sometime in '64 as I have a couple of shots with the hinged grills at OOC, so I can have Desert sand but only with yellow panels and all the pipes. I really wanted it in as built condition, but I dont fancy carving the grills :( So a word of caution for anyone else looking at early versions......
  19. 28ten

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    The Adrian Curtis books are good for details, liveries etc but the pictures are a bit small for reference. Looking back at Westerns - Strathwood has lots of photos covering their whole life. Heyday of the Westerns is quite good, just be aware that books some are stuffed full of blue ones.......
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    Thank you for the warning... especially prevalent when my Son wants to do Western Hero in Maroon, I think that the maroon Westerns did look very smart when fresh out of shops.