Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

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    Hi Col

    That is even more reason to have a turn back/reversing siding on the single line side of the oval.

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    Yes, I'd assume it would run around to the yard and the loco run round for the return trip having placed the brake at the other end.

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    Is the intention to scenic the curved boards from the yard exits with cuttings, bridges, house backs etc to simulate the station approaches? Otherwise it would be a waste and as a punter your eyes would be drawn to lighter boards behind the scenes rather than the station itself.
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    Heyside is a great example of scenery spreading around the curves - creating a nice visual extension / lead-in to the main area.
    With the number of viewers at Telford the other year enjoying the stock in the fiddle yard, this area too might benefit from a little basic scenery.
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    I'd like to see the tapered boards either end of the main layout made scenic and whether or not we have a back scene screen will all have to be a group decision.

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    In reply to a couple of these questions. The single track leaving Love Lane will split into two a few feet after going under the bridge. This will facilitate operation of the storage sidings and make operation of goods and passenger trains running through the station much easier. The intention will also be to include the tapered boards at either end in the scenic section. The challenge is getting all this work done. We have a great team who come along regularly to work on the layout but al this work does take time. The new light boards wil be painted to try and avoid them standing out too much although we hope that the amount to see and watch in the station area will keep observers occupied.
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    I agree about scenery at the end curves. It's a pity we didn't plan for it. I doubt we;'ll too much on the stock sidings side. When the Australians brought Arakoola to Telford they were very concerned that the stock sidings were not against a wall but visible to the punters. They needn't have worried - they has plenty of interest (after all that's where most of the trains were) from knowledgeable modellers and almost no small children to ward off.

    In the long term, who knows?

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    Perhaps we need to have some perspex sheets on the rear storage yards to ward off young fingers. It probably wouldn't have been an issue at Telford, but Warley might be a whole different banana..

    Do we have someone to make curtains for the layout ?

  9. Michael D

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    I hope its all going well, im no good with curtains, but look forward to getting over when I get back home in a few weeks.
    best wishes to all
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    I think Janet (sort of) volunteered for the curtains. Be nice to her.

    We get crowd barriers at Warley.

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    One of our number suggested some followers might like to see the track plan.

    Track plan annotated 2.jpg
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    Very nice John, er ! you missed out the cross over at the country end :D

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    Blimey - I had no idea Whitemoor Sidings were on the same branch as Love Lane! :D
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    Thanks Colin - memory is fading.

    Osgood - they keep building stuff. We have to park it somewhere.

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    Those of you who attended the S7 "do" at Albury recently would have seen me beavering away at a D12 crossover on a 2.9m radius curve. After the S7 meeting the 2 baseboards migrated to my garage where the crossover has now been completed - well, except for the crossing chairs which still need drawing and 3D-printing.
    DSCN3510 resized.jpg
    At 60 inches long this is the largest pair of turnouts that I've ever built.

    To be located at the London end of the station at the entrance to the fiddle yard -- Love Lane and Peter Insole's inspirational station building are behind the photographer.

    Dave R
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    Lovely to see that formation coming along after viewing it and chatting with you at Albury.

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    All seems a little more real all of a sudden...


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    Don't panic Captain Mainwaring
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