Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

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    Love Lane is fictitious? You'll be telling me that Father Christmas doesn't exist next! :'(
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    "I wonder if Steve could elaborate on the masterpiece gate. I believe all the joins are real mortice and tenon joints? "

    Well, sort of. I set up my aging Unimat SL as a milling machine. I marked the positions of the horizontal bars on the uprights. These were held central to the drill axis in the machine vice. I then used a twist drill of a suitable diameter as a crude milling cutter, making several passes till it cut right through. Once all the slots (mortises? ) were done, the rounded ends were filed square with a 1mm square needle file... now £45 from Squires :eek:.

    The heavier section top and bottom rails were butt jointed, reinforced with brass wire pins.
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    Steve Flint and Lave Lane Team.jpg It's official, February 2019 Railway Modeller includes a photo of Steve Flint awarding the trophy to the Love Lane team at Warley (some crew missing due to hunger). You will have to buy the magazine to read the article!
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    My second appearance! Thanks Robin, I shall try and grab a copy.

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    OK, who's who ..
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    Bob Godden, John Birch (Oz7mm), Alex Fraser (John's grandson), Steve Flint (RM), Robin Impey (BoyBlunder), Peter Insole, Colin Dowling (eastsidepilot), Jonathan Bushell (Scale7JB)

    Missing (completely out to lunch) are Susie Frith, Jacqui Walford,Tim Humphreys (Mudhen), David Rayner (S-Club-7) & Rhod Turner

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    The air is a lot thinner up there, you know...

    I haven't seen the article yet, but I'm glad the L1 got featured, it's by far the most precious loco of the collection.

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    The hair's a bit thinner down here too JB!

    Not that you could tell from the pic though?

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    Hi JB,
    I can understand your feelings towards the L1. It was an inspirational build and gave me something to aim for when I was building mine. Hopefully our paths will cross at some show or other, as it I'd love to see it in the flesh.
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    Oh the hair is definitely thinner up there too!!!

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    I think there is a good chance of that Peter..

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    Lack of barnet on the old loaf ? that's what a wooly titfer's for :))

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