Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

Discussion in 'S7 Group' started by eastsidepilot, 2 August 2012.

  1. Pencarrow

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    And a Spamcan or two...
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  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    It was also a pleasure to meet some of the crew and talk LT :).
  3. LarryG

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    In the first of six garden scenes, there is shrubbery and long grass up against the fence extreme left. Mind if I ask what it is, as I have been looking for something to create this kind of thing to grow behind my platforms.
  4. eastsidepilot

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    The garden work was the work of John Watson, a superb experienced modeller and exhibitor in both S4 & S7.
    He's a close mate of mine and I will contact him and find out for you.
    If you want to see some of his work look up MRJ's no's. 0, Laxfield p4, 72, Kenton P4 and 262, Flockbox Fusion.

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  5. Oz7mm

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    If you are referring to the shrubbery on the scrub land between the shops and the first garden, that was the work of Jacqui Walford who seems to have a knack of hiding unsightly gaps. I'll see if she can remember what she used from her magic green box. I do recall when she had finished that she told me the Latin name of every shrub!

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  6. Oz7mm

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    You might get a Q1 next time

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  7. Arun

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    or possibly one of Minerva's new 97xx tanks - having taken the wrong turning at Smithfield?
  8. Oz7mm

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    Every picture tells a story. My favourite moment of the weekend.

    J39 rescue.jpg

    Richard Carr's recently completed MOK Ivatt Class 4. It's battery powered with wireless DCC via the Tam Valley Depot dead rail system. Unfortunately, after Richard's copious testing on his own layout there wasn't much left in the batteries and the loco "failed" about a quarter of the way round the lap. Scale7JB's J39 was sent to drag the whole train back to the fiddle yard which it did without any trouble.

    However I missed the best picture - the look of sheer glee (or was it schadenfreude?) on JB's face as he drove the J39 round.

    And to the gentlemen in the green shirt - your gentle smile makes it all worthwhile.

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  9. Marc Dobson

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    Nice to see the layout in the flesh even though my 4 year old dragged me off before I had a proper look.

  10. Ian@StEnochs

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    Good to see it in the flesh and to talk to some of the builders.

    It did not disappoint! The sheer consistant quality of the modelling, track, stock and scenics, combine to present a harmonious scene. Nothing jars or stands out as not quite right. In fact perfect!

    Proof, if proof is needed, that Scale Seven is not just about track.

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  11. Martin Long

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    The gent in the green shirt is Dave Coasby late of the MRC and one of the workers on the Happisburgh layout of that ilk. He is a Southern man by choice so to see him enthralled by something not SR is lovely!

    Martin Long
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  12. eastsidepilot

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    Since Love lane returned from Telford the Guys have continued to work on the layout.
    Light fittings going in under the canopies.


  13. Oz7mm

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    The layout’s next outing is the Bristol 0 Gauge show on January 26th. We look forward to meeting thunderers there.

    There should be some more developments, mainly small details now and the lights should all be in place. Doubtless there will be more locos etc from Scale7JB and Bob and maybe an interloper from Mr. Carr.

  14. Heather Kay

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    We're hoping to get to Bristol next year. Meanwhile, I have some road vehicles I’m happy to donate to Love Lane. Will any of the crew be making it to Mark in a week or so?
  15. eastsidepilot

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    Very generous of you Heather, I may be attending, but I do know that John Borkowski will be there and you could hand them over to him as I'm in contact with him regularly.

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  16. Seahaven

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    I am attending Mark, so can collect the models. I will be attending another Love Lane work day in early Nov

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  17. Osgood

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    Sorting some old files out I have just found this LNER map - and to my great surprise I cannot find any trace of Love Lane!
    Seems the LNER produced a duff map......
    LNER 1.jpeg

    Can the team please advise where I would find Love Lane, in what I think is the correct area below?
    LNER 1 cropped.jpg
  18. Mudhen

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    Just goes to show you can't always trust old maps;)
    Love Lane is between Grange Hill and Woodford, east of the river and south west from Chigwell.

  19. Osgood

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    Ah - so that's where it is.

    The map measures 420 x 550 (16 1/2" x 21 1/2").
    If the map (or perhaps a copy, as the original is a little tender) is of any use to the LL roadshow as part of the layout display, I'd be happy to oblige.
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  20. Mudhen

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    Your offer would be much appreciated, it would be ideal for our display.