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Discussion in 'New members' started by TimberSurf, 25 September 2018.

  1. TimberSurf

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    Hello, accidentally found this site the other day. I am the author/owner of the LUMSDONIA Railway Company. A fictitious railway with a very real website, containing the architecture of the OO Layout grand plan and some (hopefully) useful guides and tips on railway Modelling. I know very little about railways (although I have travelled on probably half the Heritage lines in the country) but as an Engineer I have lots of electrical experience and have done railway modelling most of my life. I have a very minor YouTube channel too, just to share my workbench projects TimberSurfs Channel, showing my sound, action animation and scratch builds.
    My favourite period is late steam, green and Blue Diesels, you can keep everything else since.
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    TimberSurf Member

    Having now read a few threads, I think I may not be in the same league as a lot of members on here! There seems to be a lot of o gaugers and of a very high standard (p4 etc). I am by no means a beginner, but my predilection for lots of long OO trains with 30 year old stock hanging off the back and a predominant interest in electronics and animated scenery does not seem to fit on here. Or am I wrong?
  3. Dog Star

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    One of the best things about WTer is that there is no yardstick, no "better/bigger/brighter than" comments... WTers either contribute positive comment or keep their peace (or is that 'piece'?)

    Railway modelling, or building a model railway, is such a broad church that there is plenty of room for all tastes so please show this forum by including some photos as full-size images.

    Best wishes, Graham
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  4. Heather Kay

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    I think you're on the right forum. We like railway modelling of all kinds. There are, it must be admitted, a lot of 7mm modellers here, but don't let that put you off. ;)

    All we ask is show us lots of photos of your modelling.
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  5. Rob Pulham

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    Hi TimberSurf, welcome to WT.

    Once you get a good look around you will note everything from builds of original 30 plus year old airfix kits through to gauge 3 wonders and all points in between. The key to harmony is that 'good modelling' is 'good modelling', no matter the subject or scale.

    Indeed it's not all about modelling. you will also find really interesting threads on all sorts of none modelling subjects from the real railway to container ships in Felixstowe....
  6. Dog Star

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    Agreed and let us not forget those topics which show what our Good Ladies are achieving.
  7. Brian T

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    Welcome TimberSurf from another newbie.

    As others have said,the interest`s here are wide and varied as are the different skill set`s which is a good thing as we can all learn from each other.

    Me personally i`m one of those O gauger`s,but it dosen`t stop me admiring the work done in the smaller scales. (some of which is way beyond me)
    And as for 30 year old stock....well have a look at this,gauge 1 tinplate in the garden ,and the carragies are 110 years old!.
    New garden railway film - Cyril and Daisy
    Enjoy...i did!.

  8. TimberSurf

    TimberSurf Member

    Well I don't do O gauge and I will never build loco's or rolling stock * (just not my thing), but I do do what most may consider as 'different'.
    Intrinsically a cheapskate, I think cheap stuff is rubbish and quality stuff is expensive, so I would rather make my own. Lumsdonia items always come with a story behind them and are never quite mainstream :p.
    Thanks for all the encouragement, I will start my own thread soon {bookmark for thread link :)}

    * I broke my own rule, for a forum competition (and because I wanted to see if I could make something from rubbish) and made two 'Special loads' (Out of gauge) wagons. Result, siding queens, as they dont go under my bridges! :headbang:

    Project 2 45 layout.jpg
    Build Video > Transformer special load wagon

    Project 1 right reduced.jpg
    Build Video > Chemical Reactor special load wagon

    :) Timbs
  9. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    The Airfix crane chassis were instantly recognisable, but I'd never have got the Helix school protractors....:thumbs:
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  10. TimberSurf

    TimberSurf Member

    Having read some more threads, the standards being represented on here is outstanding!
    I can now categorize my gauge, as , UP4CS

    Un-prototypical 4mm Coarse Scale ;)
  11. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    That is fine by me and is what much of WT is about.
    Just remember that most of us started off with much less experience than is shown now.
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