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    A week before the Reading Trade Show I spoke to Barry by telephone and asked if I could send a list of items for collection at the forthcoming show. I explained that I wished to purchase brass milled sections to help in constructing the underframe for a GWR 70' carriage hence the sections needed to be 500mm long and without kinks / bends over the entire length.

    On Saturday I was presented with my order contained in a stout tube with plastic push-in caps. Brian clearly understood my request and packed the parts securely at no extra charge. Good service and with a healthy dose of humour.

    Thanks, Graham
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    I've also had excellent service when he's sent stuff to me here in Brazil.
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    Thanks for those kind words, Graham, much appreciated. Always like a happy customer.

    Just one very small, insignificant point - Brian’s my cousin, I usually answer to Barry - as I say, not important. The important bit is that you’re a happy customer. :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

    All the best

    PS apologies but as I mentioned in an earlier PM I couldn’t get the elves to stand still long enough for a picture.
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    My apologies Barry, I have no idea as to why I wrote Brian.
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