Michaels 7mm LMS 13ton mineral wagon (MMP kit)

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  1. michl080

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    weekend update...

    things are progressing nicely. All parts fit nicely together, the floor and the planks are attached.
    There is still a lot to do, but the basic shape is already visible (if such a simple wagon has any...).
    I will need to fit the remaining brass on top of the walls and the hinges below the side doors. In between, I am already practicing writing with white drawing ink in fine scale. My old Rotring pens from my student time are surprisingly still working after 30 years, however writing "LMS 609856" in 1.5mm size will be a challenge.

  2. Overseer

    Overseer Western Thunderer

    Looks very good. The wooden planks look just right and the scale size nuts were well worth the effort. A big improvement over the standard kit.
  3. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie Western Thunderer

    I'm intrigued with your soldering jig. Is this something you have made, and perhaps for use with resistance soldering?
    I can see that the arms will slide down the threaded rods under their own weight - or be positioned using the nuts.

    Thanks, Brian
  4. michl080

    michl080 Active Member

    Brian, these hooks are from Soldering Hook - Buy now » fohrmann.com . They solve the problem of having not enough hands for soldering. The hooks have a tip that is pushed into the holes of the ceramic soldering plate. The arm is pushed down onto the part you want to fix. It can slide freely on the threaded part, but it stays in position if it is pushed down. Both parts tilt and hold the arm safely in position. The nuts are to release the arm but are normally not needed.
    I use it with my RSU, that's why the aluminium foil is below the components.

    The site cited above has also a little video Löten & Hartlöten: Die Hilfsmittel für ein perfektes Detailergebnis ✓ - YouTube

    Not cheap, but worth the money.

    btw. they fit perfectly to the common 2mm hole soldering plates that are sold cheaply at ebay.

  5. michl080

    michl080 Active Member

    well, well, well,

    some days are different!

    A couple of days ago I wrote the LMS logo and the serial number onto the wagon with quite poor result. Nevermind, overpainting it black and purchasing some matching slides will solve that problem.
    But today, I was trying to paint the white stripe on the wagon which went fairly well. Then I had the brilliant idea to draw the black line that borders the white area with chinese ink with one of my old drawing pens. This is the result...
    The ink was drawn into the wood, so that the line is very fuzzy where it should be nicely defined.

    I will leave it for today. As I will be leaving for a business trip to the United States on Sunday, I will not be able to finish the build as planned until June, 30th. I will see what I can do in 10 days time from now.

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