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Discussion in '2mm Lounge' started by Simpas, 1 June 2017.

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    In the 2mm lounge is where I might be inclined to post a few pictures of things I've done in 2mil (and possibly some of what I'm doing at the time of posting). Some of these might well be historic but this little thread is intended only to be something of a photographic archive and not necessarily a chronological one either, in other words just about anything can rear its head here.

    Wansbeck Road - Anybody remember Station Road before the railway was extended?
    Wansbeck Road.jpg
    And now, after the extension, the march of progress. At least eight years separate the pictures..! 69387 is now in bits awaiting new chassis because I wasn't happy with the running.

    P1000722 a.jpg


  2. adrian

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    I do - that's the arrangement when you exhibited it at the Preston show.
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    That's a great photo Mick