7mm Millicent Street

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Rippers, 16 June 2014.

  1. paulc

    paulc Western Thunderer

    Its all so believable , that's the secret .
    Cheers Paul
  2. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    What, even the bits we made up?!!:D


    Its a mixture of in depth research, the fact that half those involved were actually there at the time and the knowledge that if it isn't right the locals will tell us quite rightly so that it isn't right!!...….in no uncertain terms!

    So there's a certain amount of pride in striving to get it right combined with the opposite amount of fear at what would happen of we don't!;).….we find it doesn't half help us focus!
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  3. paulc

    paulc Western Thunderer

    Thats the downside of living in Australia (well there had to be one) i cant just pop down the road or jump on a train to look at something . The internet is a boon in that regard .
    The good thing is that if you've got it wrong you usually dont know and live in ignorant bliss and there is no one to tell you otherwise because they dont know either .
    Cheers Paul
  4. Stewart

    Stewart Western Thunderer

    Modelling of the very highest standard,
    are there any plans to exhibit it?

    Best regards
  5. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    The model is being built with exhibition in mind, so that's the plan. (it is after all the replacement for out last layout Hospital Gates and that layouts EM Gauge predecessor Walker Marine - both of which did reasonably well on the show circuit).

    But converse to the usual trend we wont be accepting or at least confirming any exhibition invites for it until it is completely ready. By ready we mean, visually, stock wise and operationally). We would rather be an extra year late than rush things and turn up half finished with no experience on how to run it.
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  6. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    One thing noticeable in our research into 1960's Kingston Upon Hull was that in the area in which the model is set, car ownership was minimal but the number of 2 wheel vehicles about (be it bicycles, scooters of motorbikes) was pretty noticeable.

    Unfortunately for all the popularity, bicycles aside the UK modeller isn't exactly well served when it comes to models of popular motorised 2 wheel vehicles in comparison to the vast range of 4 wheel ones on offer.:(
    Hence it looks as if these Schuco made 1/43 models will have to suffice...….. for now.

    Seen here just out of the box, each will need some degree of modification and a repaint to make it more representative of a typical 50's/60's UK bike.

    Mind that's not so bad for us as where we are building the layout you cant step back without falling over a Matchless, BSA or some other classic ironmongery!.;)
  7. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    A couple more shots...this time a natty model of a BMW R60.

    ...and yes that phone box has full interior detail...right down to the phone directories!:D
  8. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Including the right phone numbers on the "business cards" tucked into the board? :))
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  9. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    With Rippers and Co l would not be at all surprised to find out they are, the business cards I mean.
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  10. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    A quiet and misty morning on Millicent Street.
  11. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    As well as messing about with post boxes progress on what will be the overgrown and disused garden to the bombed out shop on the street is underway.

    Still a lot of weeds and bushes to add but you get the idea.


    (the fish & chip shop itself has been replaced by a pre-fab version of same covering some of the original shop/house foundations).

    One of these days we might actually do something related to the railway! ;)
  12. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    The disused and overgrown garden is getting a lot more overgrown...…...
  13. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Perhaps add one of those oil drum incinerators folk used to have and a pile of ash? Battered, rusty oil drum with lots of holes in it should be a nice challenge for you. ;)
  14. Grahame Hedges

    Grahame Hedges Western Thunderer

    As a new member of the forum I've only had time to step through the last half dozen pages, but wow, . . .

    It's wonderful evocation.

  15. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Totally agree regards the lack of motorcycles.

    Doesn't need to be anything exotic, quite the contrary.

    Some nice models of late 50s grey porridge such as BSA Bantams, B31 or B33, James or Francis Barnett lightweights, Panther and sidecar, Matchless/AJS singles................but an A10 Gold Flash would be nice along with a Triumph T110........

    We can dream.

  16. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    T100 were nicer than the bonnie. BSA has to be the gold star. You forgot the Enfield bullets.
  17. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Oops, yes Peter, I should have mentioned the Bullets.
    I omitted the Goldie as I thought it was too classy. I agree the T100 was nicer that the Bonnie and perhaps should have mentioned the TR5 Trophy.

    I really do think there is a market for quality replicas of period motorcycles/ sidecars and yes, ............even scooters.

  18. JimG

    JimG Western Thunderer

    Around about that time, I had a sprung hub Thunderbird along with my Jampot AJ. :)

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  19. Rippers

    Rippers Western Thunderer

    Pretty much my thoughts on the subject too.

    Given the lasting popularity of old British Motorcycles it is something I thought the likes of Oxford Diecast might have dipped the proverbial toe into (in the same way that Cararama and Schuco have with European bikes in 1/43 scale).

    I did discuss the possibility of using 3D printing to create miniatures of British bikes with Modelu. He did indicate that they get asked for them regularly. However when I followed up with an email offering to help develop the idea and offering him unlimited access to our vintage bike collection he didn't even bother to reply!. [​IMG]

    Shame as that could have meant the likes if FB Falcons, Matchless G8 & G12, AJS, Norton Dominator etc - even a BSA Dandy!

    Hence I am playing about altering available overseas models at present.
  20. Suddaby

    Suddaby Western Thunderer

    Hi guys, this is looking really good, the outbuildings at the bottom of the disused garden are excellent.
    Talking of motorcycles, what you really need for the Hull scene is a Velocette LE Police Bike, aka the Noddy Bike. They were everywhere around Hull. Particularly when you didn't want them to be, if you know what I mean.

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